IGN Hands-on de Blob

Matt Casamassina writes for IGN:
"On Tuesday, publisher THQ brought to the IGN LA office the latest version of the Blue Tongue-developed platformer de Blob. We've seen the uniquely stylized title, which challenges gamers to become a gelatinous blob and bring color in big, splattering splotches of paint to a drab, gray-toned world. We've always been fond of the project because it's both exclusive to Wii and because its concept is an interesting one, and every time we play it, we like it just a little bit more. In the latest iteration, set to be shown publicly at THQ's Gamer's Day event in San Francisco this Thursday, we got to try out some more of the single-player storyline, some speed run missions, and sample of the multiplayer mode, too."

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PS360WII4247d ago

Sounding good I'm looking forward to playing this and glad they are getting a funk filled soundtrack for the game as well. Should go well with painting the town and all that!