Honda CBR 600 in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Polyphony Digital has a nice surprise for the best GT5 gamers - the Honda CBR 600. When you win every event in every class (C,B,A and S), this amazing bike will be delivered to your garage, free of charge.

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pharmd4244d ago

that is utterly phenomenal, guess im gonna have to complete this one!

sonarus4244d ago

wait wait wait. Is this April fools or are bikes confirmed for GT5. If bikes are confirmed then this will truly be the greatest racing game ever made.

Lord Anubis4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

bikes were confirmed for GT HD but this could be a cruel April fools joke.

C_SoL4243d ago

look at the shadowing on the bike. Also, the bike looks too big. I can't wait for Tourist Trophy 2.

prunchess4243d ago

sure hope this is true! I can have one in my GT:P garage to match the one in my garden!

shine13964243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

cool atitude....'true gamer' label could be put on you....

edit: what the hell? the above was meant for 'Highwayman' comment 4.3.
are the boards playing april fools? I swear...

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HarryEtTubMan4244d ago

wowwwwww dude that is freaking cool as crap... a cycle in GRAN TURISMO HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH DUDE Gran Turismo 5 is going to be out of control amazing with damage and everyhting... I seriously can't wait!!!! SO MANY GOOD GAMES ARE IN THE WORKS!!! GTA 4 IS FIRST NEXT MONTH!!!! BRING IT ON BOTS!!! HAHAHHAHAHA

sonarus4243d ago

well keep in mind it is april fools day

tweaker4243d ago

Please don't be an April Fools joke. It would be badass having bikes in the game.

buddyro4243d ago

free of charge as if shipping payment are enforced in GT

2 cents4243d ago

BS! If this was true there would be no way it could have been secret for so long.
BTW i find it impossible to win in the s-class races! I have a ford GT (race car) and in the pp600, on fuji, best i can do is 10th. Thats pathetic. I can win races online no problem but i`m just no match to S-class AI opponents. Any sugestions?

aaron58294243d ago

You can be the best in the world, but there's just no way to win if you're playing in Professional mode.

Highwayman4243d ago

Never say you can't do somehting, when you do you lose all power and determination to do it. Remember that. Nothing is impossible so as long it applies to the context of reality. You may try 20 times over, but you may just find that you win. Like for me in Gears of War I went up against RAAM 36 times on Insane by myself before I beat him, but I knew I could. Keep trying you'll get it.

As for the whole bike thing, could be an April fool's joke.....or it could be real. No way to know until after the 1st.

aaron58294242d ago

Have you even played it yet ?

Seriously, we GT veterans would say the penalty system in S-Class is ridiculous and it's just not possible to win the race in Professional mode, I'm sure it can be done with Arcade, not Professional Mode. Go ahead, ask around...

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The story is too old to be commented.