Nintendo DS: Best System Ever?

A side-effect of the console war mentality on gamers is that everyone's expected, on some level, to identify with a system as a particular favorite. In this hardware generation I acquired all the systems one by one, and I've enjoyed games for all of them. Yet, between bursts of activity, they mostly sit in the entertainment center, quietly gathering dust.

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Danja4515d ago

The PS2 might have a something to say about that title...

Brian52474515d ago

Not while the PSP is on the market.

leon764515d ago

Agree 100%...It's incredible how can a bunch of guys could even ask this dumb question!!! Whithout doubt, PSP have the best games and total best funcionalities than the ds, so is BETTER console than the know, sales are not synonimous of quality!!!!!!
In respect of comparing with other consoles, in particularity with home consoles, this question is completly nonsense and almost out of reality, so stupid it is!!!!

TheHater4515d ago

I use to think that the Super Nintendo was the greatest every. Until like 2 years ago, when I had my PS2 for 5 years. And with all the great games I played on that system, it will go down as the greatest every until another system dethrone it.

Plus it all a matter of opinions anyway.

ChrisGTR14515d ago

best portable... yes. best console goes to ps1

Gitaroo4515d ago

most innovative maybe, the wii is just trying to be like the DS. Best? not even close. PSP + custom firmware and all the emulators and homebrews are 1000 times more fun than DS.......

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The story is too old to be commented.