The Top 7... Nudity You Didn't Notice

Your parents and politicians are right. Gaming is an absolutely filthy pastime. Sex! Perversion! Nudity! The stuff is pretty much everywhere... even in the places they - and you - never thought to check.

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TrevorPhillips4485d ago

sorry but were only interested in real life women naked

Breakfast4485d ago

lol...apparently someone disagrees. They rather get there fix on video games and cartoons

Evilninja4484d ago

Yeah, totally. We only want to see REAL tiger testicles, not ones that showed up in Super Nintendo games.

MrTeenie4485d ago

Pointless much? Is it sad that people put it in games, or more sad someone spends enough time looking at a game for nudity? Takes maybe 5-10 min for them to put a little thing in that maybe .001% of the players will see.

Play B3yond4485d ago

I am currently jerking off to one of the ring girls in Fight Night Round 3. Please dont bother me. Thank you.

Play B3yond4485d ago

Waaaaiiiit a minute...What was this guy typing in Google when he found this article?

Harry1904484d ago

good things,
if you are referring to me i was searching the site.

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The story is too old to be commented.