Crackdown Dev Ready to Burn through Another 50 Million.

Why do Real-Time Worlds need another 50 million for APB. Gameplayer examines the recent budget increase secured by the developer of Crackdown in this article.

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joydestroy4486d ago

didn't even know about this.

MattFoley4486d ago

check out the videos from gdc its amazing. The character customization is incredible.

joydestroy4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

will do.
yeah i checked out the website for it and the character models looked pretty sweet.

EDIT: lookis promising. if it's anything like Crackdown, which i've read Crackdown actually took some elements from APB, then i'll love it.

Jon Cage4486d ago

Why do I feel the need to ask for a raise at work? Mo money Mo money. Who doesn't want more money??? If you can get investors to believe then more power to you. Crackdown was a surprise hit. Most people bought it for the Halo 3 beta key. Then they were all like "hey this other game is pretty damn good too".

SlappingOysters4485d ago

That's a massive budget for a video game, though. Wasn't Lost Planet at 20 million one of the biggest budgets ever?

I remember Epic saying Gears of War cost 10 million...

4486d ago