Golden Sun Developer Working on New RPG?

In a new interview, the developer Camelot -- responsible for Golden Sun, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf and Shining Force -- hints at a new RPG.

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rCrysis4485d ago

i remember from somewhere they said they want to make some sort of sequel to Golden Sun.

Eiter way. If its not a sequel and a new RPG, all would be welcome.

SaiyanFury4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Is it just me or does no one realize that the best Shining games were always with SEGA? The biggest Shining games have always been on Sega consoles. The last greatest Shining game, Shining Force 3 was on SEGA Saturn. I pray to God that someday this great game is retranslated and re-released on a modern console with all 3 CDs translated.

nirwanda4484d ago

and yes I'd love them to remake all 3 scenarios I only played the first one but my mate struggled through all 3 with japanese translations printed off next to him reading them as he was playing.

princejb1344484d ago

please let it be a sequel for goldun sun
goldun sun 1 and 2 was my favorite rpg for gba

Killjoy30004484d ago

i agree. final fantasy is very overrated in my opinion. golden sun was fantastic.

desolationstorm4484d ago

I love the golden sun games and well mario tennis 64. I was always sad that Nintendo never threw the money down to buy this company. THey were very talented in a category they have always needed.