Grand Theft Auto IV Travelogue

1UP writes: "Stealing a sample of drinking water from Rockstar North -- the Edinburgh, Scotland-based developer of the Grand Theft Auto series -- is easier than you might think. All you have to do is wait for a lull in your interview with company founder Sam Houser, whip out the 5 milliliter vial you had stowed in your jeans' change pocket, and decant a few drops from the refreshments on the conference table without anyone noticing. Voila!

Of course, getting inside Rockstar North and sitting down with the notoriously press-shy Houser is the tricky part. The studio adheres to a strict no-journalists-allowed policy. In fact, few of Rockstar's own PR folks have been to the place. But EGM was given the opportunity to visit Rockstar North back in January. In exchange for an EGM cover story, Rockstar allowed this rare visit to their studio, where we would meet the team and interview Houser, one of the series' architects".

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