1UP chats with Capcom and Camelot about We Love Golf

1UP writes: "When you think of golf video games, if you're not conjuring up images of a virtual Tiger Woods strolling around the landscapes of your brain, then you're probably thinking of one of the many supremely addictive golf games developed by that tiny dev team with the Midas touch: Camelot. Responsible for unleashing Sony's Minna No Golf (known as Hot Shots Golf in the U.S.) upon an unsuspecting public (the inaugural title went on to sell two million-plus copies in Japan in 1997, making it as big as Final Fantasy), as well as creating Nintendo's golfing RPG, Mario Golf (in various incarnations on Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube), Camelot knows golf. Camelot's swing meter mechanics have been copied, imitated and emulated in nearly every golf game that's been developed since, and it's good news for golf fans that Camelot has brought its magic touch to Capcom's stable, with the upcoming We Love Golf, yet another exercise in golfing on Wii".

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