Xbox 360's Being Built Out of Games

Are you wondering which angles Microsoft's Xbox 360 campaign will be running this November? See below to check out the latest Xbox 360 advertisement.

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OMG, don't give the secret away to sony! Quality games make a quality console!

TheMART5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

No LandOfSand that's not true! Sony says paper specs make a quality console! TFLOPS, emotion engines all those things that didn't give the highest graphics, those are important!

Oh yeah I forget. It's also important to push the own format one has invented. And foremost don't learn from the mistakes like Betamax, Minidisc and UMD from the past. All formats to be pushed to become nr. 1 and never came that far. Don't look back!!!

Well urm. Yeah gamers want a gameconsole but I guess Sony is right. You should give them a computer with a CPU that's great for scientific use. To solve cancer, do @home calculations for different projects, play some nonstandard videoformat thats inferior to the other upcoming format, surf on a browser, use a non unified online network that's something of an upgrade to the 'great' PS2 online network, do all but give the best games. I think they know their targetgroup real well, don't you agree?

shortyNZ5396d ago

and for a change a console add you an understand!

crazyman5396d ago

I like the last line "the next generation is now" kinda like a small dig at sonys "next gen starts when we say it does" thing

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The story is too old to be commented.