MGS1 on PSN could happen if Japanese interest is high enough

It makes so much sense for Konami to build hype (as if it needs any more) for Metal Gear Solid 4 by releasing Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 onto the PSN Store. So far, however, it's only confirmed for the Japanese market with no word on a European or American release. This is nothing new - Japan has been receiving large numbers of PS1 games twice a month since the store opened. (The last PS1 game the EU store saw was Reel Fishing. Oh dear.)

There is still hope, however. Ryan Payton, on the latest episode of the Kojima Productions Report podcast, stated that they will be gauging the response in Japan and seeing how many people download it. If interest in high then it could be released elsewhere. Considering we're putting our hopes in a nation who hates digital distribution, chances are you may want to just grab a copy of the Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection. Just in case.

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Crazyglues4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

If we could go back and play this game before MGS4 came out.... I would love to go back to MSG1, one more time just for the hell of it.

Then you could really see how far the game has come.

PirateThom4489d ago

I bet this will drop a few weeks before MGS4.

Crazyglues4489d ago

Would be Nice if it did...

Fishy Fingers4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

What about other Store's Sony? Personally, i think it would be wise to push this in all territories.

It's a simple way to spark some hype for MGS as a whole and may remind a few why they first fell in love with the series. Oh and obviously drum up a few £££ in the process.

And while your at it, you might as well throw in Remote Play for the psp owners :)

whoelse4489d ago

I cant wait for GTA I and GTA II which have been rumored to be coming in the store. I guess it will come April 17th!

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The story is too old to be commented.