Gamefly's Trade-In Program is Actually Pretty Good

Gizmodo writes:

"I was just invited to the beta of the GameFly Trade-In Program because I've been a customer for a while, and the whole thing seems like a brilliant idea. You can apply credit toward your monthly payments only (used games would have been nice), and the prices they offer are actually pretty great compared to what you'd get at GameStop.

BioShock: $23.00
Call of Duty 4: $23.00
Halo 3: $23.00
Lost Odyssey: $31.62
Kingdom Under Fire: $28.75
Rainbow Six Vegas 2: $31.62

The only downsides are that you can only get money off your subscription and you have to pack and ship your own games, but other than that it seems like a good deal if you can get a beta invite."

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snoop_dizzle4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

man...only if gamestop would consider this a threat and make the trade in value a lot higher. I used to trade in games there....but its such a rip off. :(

but now i really dont care about trading in games...sometimes some of my friends just swap games, or we buy them from eachother.

Hagaf224252d ago

thats not really a "pretty good" deal, 23 for cod? game crazy still offers 29 for it, then they charge 44 to someone gladly willing, everyones a winner, plus this all happens when i want it to, not waiting for the mail service,

snoop_dizzle4252d ago

that might be but if your using gamefly you are saving money as it is and doing this. If you traded in games at gamespot and bought new or used games, you would be spending a lot more.

So its not that bad of a deal all things considered.

mikeslemonade4251d ago

If I were to craiglist COD4 I would get $30 and that would take a few days from the point when I post the listing and the time I make the exchange, so $23 for COD4 is a "pretty good" deal because it's guranteed and you don't have to worry. The only thing you have to worry is someone steals your games, so maybe the best way is to ship one or two games at a time you want to trade in. If you ship all 5 at once and lose it then you're out $100.

Bnet3434252d ago

Yeah, but now take the prices they give you for the games and subtract the shipping price for shipping them the game.

RecSpec4252d ago

It's ebay through a middle-man (trust me I've done it). Why even bother?

Although if you want a good Gamefly trick, rent a game right when it is released. Then buy it. You are basically guaranteed a new disc since it is a new release, you get a discount for it being "used", and if you have been a member for awhile you get a discount after that. Oh yeah, no shipping cost either.

kevin11224251d ago

A good place to trade in games is blockbuster, they give a decent amount of money for games. The only problem is you get store credit.

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