Q&A with BioWare founders on Mass Effect and life at EA

Dean Takahashi caught up with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the top executives and founders of BioWare, the well-known role-playing game developer in Edmonton, Canada.

Dean Takahashi: Can you change some things in the PC version?

Ray Muzyka: Yes, we can do more moment-to-moment control. You can run and gun or do the more thoughtful approach. We want to make it appeal to different player types.

Greg Zeschuk: There are a number of things we touched on. We have our own agenda on the PC. We want to make a great PC version.

Ray Muzyka: We reflected on how people play. If you did everything, it took 40 or 50 hours. If you explored everything and replayed it, you got a different experience. Our focus is more tuning it to the platform.

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