The War Against Fanboyism

Candid Anthony of The Bitbag writes, "Lately the PS3 fanboys have been out in full force. They are the ones that jump in your face to tell you how the Playstation 3 has been outselling the 360 by 200K a month. They love throwing numbers in your face…like we even care. Why can't these people just enjoy their console and play their games?"

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Harry1903948d ago

would get an A in VULGARITY class.
what he says is known as an antinomy:
he says he doesn't care about ...boys,
then he proceeds to to writing a full
article on them?that's not logical.
i hope have not misunderstood what i
read.anyway,i'm probably going to get disagrees.

kingjk3948d ago

this blogger is mostly one himself...silly sammy

gambare3947d ago

Who's the fanboy, the fanboys or the one who wrote the article?

The Killer3947d ago

just to make things clear.

xbox 360 and the first xbox were never consoles, they were PC's taking the form of a consoles!!

so MS never had the chance to win the console war since they never release a real console!

thats it basiclly!

sonarus3947d ago

haha don't you mean you RIP what you sew.

Anyways this is like the 100,000th article on fanboys. You don't have any more insight that the other 99,999 ppl that wrote articles havn't touched on. People need to accept the existence of fanboys.

HighDefinition3947d ago

I like "fanboys" they make thing interesting and sometimes are so extreme that make some valid points. Accept it, nothings wrong with it. Their are all sorts of "fanboys" out there, gaming ones just love to call each other "fanboys".

Be a fan like what you like and be YOURSELF, nothing is ever wrong with that.


Yes, rip. sorry. the point remains.

dantesparda3947d ago

This guy is obviously a 360 fanboy. All he did was complain about the PS3 fanboy and not one peep of the 360 fanboy in there, even though they have been talking sh!t for years. Where was he last year when all you heard was sh!t talking and mad disrespect about the PS3? This dude's a phony!

HighDefinition3947d ago

are the one`s who PRETEND to be neutral, but are clearly biased.

jadenkorri3947d ago

lets eliminate the fanboys by having ps3 servers and xbox 360 servers joined, so that your enemy will always be the other console...lets see where the fanboyism would go from there...i think it would get worse, but at least we would all be getting along...on some level anyways...

gamesR4fun3947d ago

barfs out another anti sony story big surprise NOT

JBaby3433947d ago

360 fans used to throw around numbers constantly and now they are against them. Strange. I don't mind having more PS3 fans around because I don't mind it coming full circle back on those that were badmouthing the PS3 all of 2007. Now everyone is mad because the king is retaking the throne. You know what they say about payback. Deal with it.

perseus3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

"Reap" what you "sow".

(Sorry. I'm a nerd.)

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Silellak3948d ago

I agree with what he's saying about fanboys in general, but he focuses too much on Sony fanboys. Fanboys for anything - Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, whatever - are all equally is bad.

The one point he nails, though, is, why do people have to argue over what system is best? We're all gamers - why can't we just enjoy GAMING? Why do we have to argue about petty things like XBL subscription fees or PS3 game installs?

Discuss the positives and negatives of XBL compared to PSN, sure, but when you start saying "your console sucks because you have to pay for XBL" or "your console sucks because you have to install certain games before you can play", you turn from Reasonable Debate and Discussion Road onto Stupid Fanboy Argument Street.

The Wood3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

that was a objective and non bias sounding comment from you. keep it up;)

I would of like to of seen this guys uproar about the other set of f'boys about a year ago though. Guess he didn't care then.

N4G wouldn't be what it is without angst and banter. Its all in good fun though it can get tedious. It was the heated discussions that 'forced' me to join N4G so I'm not going to sit here and go on like I'm totally above 'fanboyism' so to speak.

MikeGdaGod3947d ago

i think the ps3 fanboys are usually funny (Bill Gates) or they say outrageous things (nasim).

the MS fanboys are crazy though. people like POG and theMart put being a fanboy into another stratosphere.

the Nintendo fanboys are endangered species.

segasage3947d ago

will sit there and point the finger...

this site is funny

littletad3947d ago

Well said but regardless, which group of fanboys speaks the loudest among n4g? And which group is more likely to defend it's console logically and illogically? You can speak of neutrality all you want, but it's not going to stop fanboyism in general. Sadly only a minority understand the notion of being a "gamer" these days.

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ChrisGTR13948d ago

hes right. ps3 fanboys are outa control

ianp6223947d ago

I think they (we?) deserve a little gloating, considering all the hate they/we faced last year and the year before. I mean now we don't have to say we're "waiting" for the good games, because we already have them and the PS3 hasn't even gotten started yet.

Harry1903948d ago

care more about rampant ignorants
who roam around just posting unsubstantiated
stuff simply to contradict others.
Just the other day i read a comment from someone....
oh who cares.

HCS3948d ago

their very ******* retarded