Gameinformer: Conversations With The Men Behind Kane's Wrath

Gameinformer writes:

"Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath focuses on the Brotherhood of Nod's past, present and future. As always, the organization's charismatic leader Kane is present, though his role is a bit tenuous at times. During the course of the game, he is feared dead, giving some within his organization time to reflect and question his core philosophies. One such member is Brother Marcius, played by Carl Lumbly. A religious zealot, Marcius denounces his former leader and refocuses his energies toward his own ambitions. As you might imagine, Kane's not going to go down so easily…

We had the recent opportunity to speak with the actors behind both roles in discussions that included the challenges of developing their roles, the medium of video games in general and the responsibilities game creators have to their audiences. Here are a few highlights from both interviews."

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