Lucas Set to Redeem Franchise with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Ok, so we all had to endure the pain and suffering that were the three prequels to the classic Star Wars Trilogy. Collectively, we had to put up with one of the worst characters ever created in Jar Jar, watch Hayden Christensen act like a sniveling baby and endure Darth Vader's laugh out loud ridiculous scream of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in Revenge of the Sith (just thinking of how cheesy that was makes me cringe even now).

But alas there is a new hope. Lucas Arts is releasing a new Star Wars game and is using some new physics technology to boot. Set between Episodes III and IV, the game will follow the adventures of Darth Vader's secret apprentice and officially bridge the gap between the two trilogies. Check the link for demos of the new technology, an amazing trailer and some force power gameplay goodness.

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INehalemEXI3877d ago

Force Unleashed and SC4 are going to be sick. I had to get Kotor 1&2 since I couldnt wait for them.

M337ING3877d ago

They have a ps2 version, for heaven's sake.

Get us a PC version! Lucasarts, you started out on the PC, show some respect...

Farsendor13877d ago

yeah lucas needs sw tfu on pc.

sak5003877d ago

LOL @ above. Its a real game ffs.

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