Confessions Of An Xbox 360 Gamerscore Cheater

Meet Aaron "coldraccoon" Mesec, an 18-year-old Xbox 360 owner from Murrieta, California. He's a gamerscore cheater.

He's a former cheater - or so he now claims to MTV Multiplayer.

Mesec was one of the gamers caught during Microsoft's attempt last week to reign in gamerscore cheaters. Microsoft won't say how many people have, like Mesec, been branded with a "Cheater" tag, had their questionable Achievements stripped and their gamescores re-set. But MTV Multiplayer heard that the number of users whose gamerscores were reset wasn't more than a few handfuls. The punishment is meant as a message to others.

And it appears to have worked on Mesec. "The cheating days are over for me. I just want to kick back and enjoy gaming again," he told MTV Multiplayer over the weekend.

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marionz4251d ago

i love my xbox but seriously ms should be more aggressive with fixing their console and keeping the customers happy then with this, its great that they are doing somthing about cheaters but how about addressing the real issues first?
what are the failure rates now? ive never had this problem but i think ms needs to focus on their reputation and getting peoples trust back

Clinton5144251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Failure rates aside...

Except I think it's a waste of time and resources to be pursuing "point cheaters" so actively. They could be taking care of other community features.

Let the attention wh/res have their meaningless points I say. They're not being used for anything concrete anyway.

ry-guy4251d ago

While I will agree there are other parts of the Xbox that should have more focus on it (hardware being the number one with nearly everyone), this is the first time we've seen them actively pursue gamescore cheaters.

This was done by the Live division and not the Hardware division. I'm glad at least someone in there is doing something productive.

Fux4Bux4251d ago

What in gods name is the point of doing this? Course cheating for it is better than the people who send their HDDs in and PAY other people to play for them to get the score up.

rCrysis4251d ago

Murrieta, California? Dang. I best put my head down in shame =[

Douchebaggery4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

If you cheat to improve your gamerscore, your sad pathetic life is punishment enough.

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