4 New Lair Screens!

New images have emerged for upcoming PS3 game Lair. The screens show the beautiful title playing at 60fps and in 1080p resolution. Lair will also be using the PS3 controller's tilt function for air comabat between dragons.

So until the games release sometime next year, you will just have to enjoy the screenshots. Here they are:

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DJ4471d ago

That's a pretty big improvement for just one month. I'm glad they got rid of that annoying HDR glare. The ambient lighting is pretty nice too. More work needs to be done of course, but I like the direction that Factor 5 is taking.

kmis874471d ago

These are obviously CGI, because the only possible way to have 1080p on a console is to have only 2 characters on the screen or to do tetris in 4096 colors.

I can't wait until this comes out so theMART has to eat his words.

DJ4471d ago

I remember when he said that. You could write a book just based on his comments (hell, I'd buy it just to have a good laugh).

Antan4471d ago

Very tasty looking screenshots, not CGI, plain to see.

TheMART4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

So guys have you actually played it in a demo or saw real ingame footage playing THESE graphics?

I guess not. And untill then I stay critical. And well if you would buy a book from me I think it's time to write one.

Just wait. Epic didn't choose 360 for fun to give their main exclusive to. And why they put their efforts to get 512 MB unified memory in the 360.

This winter will proof it. Two demopods besides each other. Gears of War on one, you may call the game on the other that has to compete with it. Anything, I dare to say ANYTHING will fail against Gear to draw the attention of gamers

"The screens show the beautiful title playing at 60fps and in 1080p resolution."

It's very nice if one could see from these images that they are 1080p and move with 60fps in real time.

Were have I heard that story before... Wait, wasn't it Resistance? Which runs at 720p the sweet spot as MS has said all along? mmmhhhhh guys aren't my posts the truth after all

andy capps4471d ago

theMART- Why do you have so much of yourself invested into Sony failing? Why do you care so much?... I feel sorry for you man, you should enjoy games other than those appearing on Xbox 360. This is a beautiful game, the fact that you're claiming that it's CGI says that you're admitting that it looks better than your beloved game, Gears of War (which DOES look great, for the record). There will be games that look as good as Gears of War and better, you can go ahead and brace yourself for that. It looks spectacular, but so does this. This is a great studio making this game, and they are putting everything into it, so you can bet that this will be a system seller. And Resistance was never confirmed to be released at 1080p, Ted Price said from the start that they were aiming for 1080p, and has stated that they will be releasing later titles in the series in 1080p.

Antan4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

"So guys have you actually played it in a demo or saw real ingame footage playing THESE graphics?

I guess not. And untill then I stay critical"

This naturally doesn`t apply to all these 360 games(GOW aside) you keep going on about?

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THAMMER14471d ago

You do what? While riding on a what? .... Man get that S#!t out my [email protected] face Bit(H. And put Madden in before I smack your @ss.

This is a samll taste of what you will hear if you buy this dunguons and dragon pice of crap.

Antan4471d ago

zzzzzzzzzzzzz, give it up already!! but of course it would be the greatest thing ever if on the 360 yes?????.........tut tut, some people!

Hayabusa 1174471d ago

Dude, WTF? Ok, I'm an XBox fan, but even I can see a promising game when I see one. The graphics definately look like a huge improvement from what I last saw. And I love being able to torch puny soldiers on the ground while on a Dragon...try doing that in Madden.

Genki4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

The scope of this game is huge, hopefully not too big for it's own good, but if they can pull this off, then I think it could be a masterpeice.

Seems as though they've got the landscape down, I think from here they need to focus on more diverse enemy models, as every single one looks TOO similar. I can understand each faction having a particular uniform, but nobody will, nor should they, look that similar, regardless of the era. This holds true even today, if you look at pictures of any of the troops in Iraq, you'd be hard-pressed to find two wearing their gear the same way on their flaks.

Beyond that, animations need an overhaul, these guys look like stickmen. The animations for the dragons are fine until they get into the "dragon-brawl", or whatever they dubbed it as, then it looks just looks entirely too stiff. Not to mention the fire...lets just say they have a long way to go. Personally, I'd like to see a slightly liquid characteristic to the fire, it seems too much like either a missile or a leaf-blower.

I've got high hopes for this one though, I hope they don't let down, and from what I understand they've got a long way to go! Call it a hunch, but I'm expecting another delay for some reason...maybe I'm crazy.

THAMMER14471d ago

No I would not be all hype for this if it were on the 360. DO NOT PLACE YOU CONVICTION AGAINS MY OWN YOU WILL BE WRONG EVERY TIME.

I just know that over all this game has some potential but it blows badly. Kameo ran smother than this and it sucked pretty hard. All examples of this game I have seen have been as lack luster as war Hawk. They both are not worth the cash for anything more than a rent.

People are just caught all up in PS3 love land that they cant see what they are looking at. Buy this is my opinion in the end. LOL

Antan4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )


your not the guy who wrote that "all your base are belong to us" quote are you?

its good that your willing to rent something that "blows badly", nice high standards ya got there buddy.

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