Gears of War In-Depth Preview

Gears of War has been a long time coming, but damn it looks like its going to be worth the wait. With graphics to die for, huge maps and an awesome co-op online mode as well as some great versus modes on Live! this is truly going to be the game of Christmas. Maybe it will only fill the void until Halo 3's release, but it's the perfect game to fill it. The game is less than a month away and when it is released thousands are going to flood Xbox Live and rightly so. Did I mention you can chainsaw people in half or stick grenades to people and watch them explode? Keep your eyes on this one.

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TheXgamerLive4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

There was only talk of a possible launch date last year, but delayed?

However, it is going to be an incredible gaming experience w/most if not all bugs worked out, we'll all be very very happy.

Cyclonus4470d ago

It was always just "Emergence Day 2006" till we go the definitive date a couple months ago. It's been Nov 12th ever since...but Nov 7th for a few lucky stores near Seattle.

rj814470d ago

Interesting how they claim Epic uses only 40% of the 360's power.

rj814470d ago

Now that I think about it, maybe we should just pay 40% of full price? :)

highps34470d ago

Pfttt no way this game uses only 40% of the 360's power...

Reaper4470d ago

best believe it. The best is yet to come

TheMART4470d ago

Like someone with PS3 in it's name would ever acknowledge if it actually would.

And how do you know on technical basis? Could you explain your statement then?

Ofcourse Epic could do some marketinglines. BUT we all know in the beginning of the life cycle of the console, they aren't up to the level of using the system as when they are at the end of the 5 or 6 years.

We've seen that with the first last gen games with at the end for example Doom 3, Half Life 2 etc. It was never expected that those ran with nice visuals at the beginning of last gen consoles.

So yeah they could be right. We'll see with Gears of War 2 I guess :)

timmyp534470d ago

I think microsoft is trying really hard to bring what they can to the table come 11/17 but Gears of War is a bit off. It seems like they tried really hard to make the graphics hit home but all they ended up with was character models, and an environment,that looks like clay. I also think the blood graphics looks horrible, it looks like rubbery paint being splashed. One last notion the blast of the gun looks out of place is it trying to be cartoonish? the movement is odd because it looks likes the character is glitching. Is it too fast? The gameplay forced me to think of Celebrity deathmatch especially when he used the chainsaw(not a good thing).
opinions please?

shortyNZ4470d ago

i never thought of the characters lookin like clay, but yeah i guess they do in the face a wee bit, but i like the style they have used, its not like anything else out there, the blood, i gotta disagree, look back to last gens mortal kombat and the stupid blood effects, gears blood reminds me of somthing like kill bill, other things like the gun blast and character movement, i dont see what your seeing sorry, and celebrity deathmatch (especially the game)was rubbish! how dare you compare this to that? :p

Retard4470d ago

Yeah, kinda reminded me of State of Emergency... Or... Emergence! AHH!

kmis874470d ago

I gotta say the character models are gorgeous in this game, the combat looks very intuitive and refined, and the environments look nice. The particle effects could be better, the environments could be better textured or destructible, and there could be more variety(on this point I will admit that I, and probably everyone else, have seen only about 15 minutes of gameplay tops). Overall, I think it will be one of the prettiest games out this year, and probably one of the best, possibly winning some game of the year awards. I'm not sure when I'm going to get to play it, but I look forward to it.

BIadestarX4470d ago

Is it me or you wrote the very same thing on another article?

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THAMMER14470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

^^I love to see the hate. Keep it up and you mite get a bigger plate of crow.

I was thinking they used more than 40% of the 360' over all power. But that is freaking sweet to know.

Here you go timmy53 the shots here are much better.

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