Rainbow Six Vegas demo

The first 10 minutes : Rainbow Six Vegas demo.

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InMyOpinion4469d ago

And plays even better, i loved the demo. The water and glasseffects were stunning to say the least. Controls felt updated since GRAW, even though it might not be an appropriate comparison, but they do have a lot in common. Very smooth.

beans4469d ago

I don't see and i've looked everywhere!

InMyOpinion4469d ago

Not available in North America =(

Antan4469d ago

very enjoyable! exellent buddy A.I.....though gfx are a let down for me on the back of SC:DA. quite a few jaggies, and not really looking that particularly next gen, however there is a real nice game in there, looking 4ward to final release 4 sure!!!

Yo Wassap4469d ago

i don't know what you mean, looked next gen to me

Mikey_Gee4469d ago

I know when I got my 360 and was playing on a straight up SD TV .. on more than one occasion I found myself saying , "Hmm, what is all the graphical hype about, it looks good, but not that good" ... well once you are on a HD set ... THINGS CHANGE VERY VER FAST.

480 to 720 (soon 1080) is a HUGE STEP UP !!

If you are indeed on a HD set .... well ... then your comment is very much valid !!

Yo Wassap4469d ago

It also depends if you are on a good sdtv or a good hdtv. I still think my SDTV (which has very good picture quality) is way better than some HDTVs, but on the other hand a very good HDTV wipes the floor with my tv.

MoonDust4469d ago

Rainbow is a FPS, now they go this 3rd person view :(

Cyclonus4469d ago

It's only 3rd-person in Cover Mode, and you'll learn to REALLY appreciate it when you get pinned down on "Realistic"'ll need it.

I think it's awesome. And from what I've seen of Gears of War, and *played* of R6:Vegas, I believe it really gives GoW's Cover Mode a run for it's money.

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