New GTHD trailer

Gran Turismo HD - PS3 Gamers Day Demonstration HD.

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daboosa4475d ago

lol they will never beat that EVER

calderra4475d ago

-A year ago: "Xbox 360 couldn't ever possibly run Fight Night Round 3!"
-Six months ago: "360 couldn't ever run Assassin's Creed!"
-Now: "360 couldn't ever run GT5!"


not only will 360 whip it with Forza2, but MS won't make you pay to download each track and car to play!

PS3alltheway4475d ago

GT-HD is just a taste of GT-5
imagine GT-5 :)

Daytona4475d ago

It looked pretty good, the cars were good, the mountains were good, the people and grass weren't so good, especially the akward animations of the people. Maybe they'll get it worked out by it's release day, but Xbox 360 games do look better for now, but this has potential to look almost as good, almost.

D R Fz4475d ago

And not to reiterate but like ps3alltheway said
Imagine GT-5
Ps3 is looking good and has a bright and clear future.

shotty4475d ago

Car models look great and so do the mountains but the rest of the environment looks a little empty but Im sure most of that should be fixed by launch. But it looked awful how the car hit a small fence and bounced off.

Thats the thing I like about Forza 2, it has damage with the broken off parts staying on the track and affecting the rest of the race.

specialguest4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

car model and mountain looks good, but the rest just looks like a polished version of the PS2 game, nothing spectacular.

this game is more like an appetizer, and GT5 is the main course, except the waiter will take a while to bring out the main course.

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The story is too old to be commented.