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Eurogamer: ''Telltale's The Walking Dead series is a gold standard for terse narrative efficiency. In the span of each two-to-three-hour episode, you'd learn to love, hate, and feel everything in between about its ever-shifting cast of desperate, conflicted survivors. Take three hours of the similarly high-concept zombie apocalypse drama The Last of Us and you'll see its leads travel from one goon-filled building to another with only a few meaningful character and plot interactions sprinkled in between.''

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Wni01937d ago

Thats because one of those games has something called "gameplay."

P_Bomb1937d ago

Why did that Eurogamer dude take a dig at TLOU? Two completely different kinds of games. In Walking Dead, talking pretty much *is* the gameplay, with the whole Mass Effect conversation wheel driving the narrative. The combat was entirely QTE based. He omits that comparison.

In any case, already downloaded 400 days, gonna start it tomorrow.

ame221936d ago

Prepare to be disappointed.

P_Bomb1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Finished it now and I gotta say, I *was* actually disappointed overall. The lustre has definitely worn off. Hard to overlook the horrible lip synching and juttery controls as much a year later.

I was making one of the lady charachters bounce around the screen like a physics-less puppet as she ran into the forest b4 the cornfield section. Charachters mouths kept moving long after the voice-over stopped. Even the loads seem longer post-patches.

The charachters aren't as likeable either. The 2 youngest are incredibly negative in the end, one outright whiny. The main prisoner dude was the least interesting guy on the bus, and the whole "paper rock scissors" chapter dragged. Ugh.