Nintendo Region Lock Petition Gains Momentum

CVG: ''A fan petition asking Nintendo to make the Wii U, 3DS and Wii region-free has gathered over 12,000 signatures.''

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CaptainSheep1959d ago

Would love this to happen. The region lock is the only reason I haven't picked up a 3DS.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1959d ago

wont happen since they invented it lol.
"In the video game industry, Nintendo was the originator of regional lockout. Regional lockout in video games is when a piece of hardware is designed such that only software for that region is compatible. Most commercially-released console video games have region encoding."

Region Locking is their baby..

Donnieboi1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

So what if they created it? They can still change it.

For example, Sony was the first to use DRM on cd's, as well as the first of the big 3 game console makers to patent anti-used games technology (not that long ago) and yet look at Sony now--totally anti-DRM & pro used games, and they made a statement saying they don't see it ever becoming the future.

So just because Nintendo made region locking (assuming that's even true) doesn't mean they won't reverse it. Them inventing it =/= an insistent stubbornness to always use it.

I hate when people draw conclusions as if they are making logical sense. Nintendo can do whatever the hell they feel like. Especially if removing region lock means that it will make the consoles more enticing to potential customers (especially those of us in the West who prefer Japanese games over the lame overabundance of FPS and sports games flooding America).

rainslacker1958d ago

Think they should just leave it up to the publishers like Sony did with the PS3. Only one game to my knowledge ever used it, and it got some backlash over it.

The whole idea was antiquated when it was invented, and I'd consider it obsolete nowadays. There are always ways to get around it today, and for the most part those methods all allow piracy as well.

For the most part region locking only affects people who import games because they aren't available(many Japanese games for instance), or countries where game prices are ridiculously high, and it's cheaper to just import them(Australia from what I understand).

morpha1958d ago

Despite the region lock, I believe you are missing out on a good experience. It must be awfully important to you.

Donnieboi1959d ago

Just give the people what they want!

jon12341959d ago

like nintendo would even care...

SonyNGP1959d ago

If consumers are loud enough, they will. Remember Operation Rainfall? Or what about Earthbound?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1959d ago

Consumers have been screaming for big nintendo games and they will come 2 years later from 2012 to 2014. lol

dark-hollow1959d ago


Do you think the amount of time and money of delivering the games that will release later is the same of removing the region lock?

No amount of whining gonna make those games release earlier.

bjmartynhak1959d ago

If they do I'll buy in the next day! It sucks when living temporarily abroad.

The DLC and online passes from PSN could also be region free.

grimmweisse1959d ago

That's the only reason why I also haven't picked up a 3DS. Region free, immediate buy!

kagon011959d ago

Iwata: "Please understand"

PR BS at its finest...

Viper71959d ago

Yeah, especially part about restrictions. He completely goes around the fact that when importing it's up to the consumers to make sure that the product doesn't violate any laws.

Not to mention the fact that Regions are flawed to begin with. E.g Europe is cluster of countries with completely different restrictions, why should country b have to deal with country a's problems?

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The story is too old to be commented.