You Can Now Top Up Your PSN Wallet From Your Mobile Phone

Sony has just announced that they’ve released a new feature on the PSN Store that allows users to top up their PSN wallet using their mobile phone. The deal, in collaboration with Boku, will apparently work with all major UK mobile network operators, and means you won’t need to feed your credit card details into the PlayStation Store.

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N4Gguy12121d ago

sounds like a sneaky way to get money out of teenagers, but I like it

inf3cted12121d ago

I could defo imagine many people doing that

b_one2121d ago

it would be usefull in some countries, as cell ops forcing to reload account on prepaids monthly...when you dont call much... money is "wasted"

abzdine2121d ago

i have a big problem with putting money on my account cause the country i'm living in right now is different from the one where my account has been registered and the currencies are different..
I hope this gets fixed some day, there are so many people with the same problem as mine

SnakeCQC2121d ago

have you tried contacting sony?

r212121d ago

Crap, thats useful. Wish they had that globally.

Iltapalanyymi2121d ago

just wait. paypal option did not came as fast either.

Iltapalanyymi2121d ago

this is great news. now you have no excuse getting that game you want.

Ginesis2121d ago

I hate the system they have in place when it comes to buying products on PSN. Where you choose a predetermined amount and they take that from your credit card. I wish they would change it to simply buying a digital product and paying that amount. This feature would be perfect for that.

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