Dragon’s Crown Has Arena For Player Vs. Player Fights

Dragon’s Crown is a cooperative action game where you explore dungeons with your friends, but what if you want to fight them?

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sinncross1986d ago


omw , that is awesome!!!!

but makes me wish the PSV and PS3 has cross online play!

ScubbaSteve1986d ago

I remember old school fighting games like this. They always had PvP, you just pretended like that wasn't what you intended when you smacked your coop buddy with that big old trash can.

You needed unlimited continues because 30mins into the game you were both passively trying to screw over the other player and hit them with things when their backs were turned.

Good times.

fsfsxii1986d ago

Damn, now i want it more.

PurpHerbison1986d ago

Just became a day one for me.

Inception1986d ago

Holy Nely! Looks like i will spend a lot of my summer with this game :)

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