Pachter: Nintendo is in a world of trouble

Not all is well in the world of Nintendo, so says Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

Citing a lack of third-party game software support for its flagship Wii U and the company simply taking too long to release an HD console, he says Nintendo is in a world of trouble.

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Tuxmask551959d ago

I'll agree that Wii U needs more 3rd party games, but the console itself isn't half bad.

Ninte1959d ago

More games more games and more games, the game pads okay but i like the controller more.

ape0071959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

also price cut price cut and PRICE CUT, no way a 350$ wiiu can stand a chance against a complete nextgen 399$ ps4 that includes a headset and a hard drive

kreate1959d ago

Wii-u should be $199.

Nintendo's stubbornness not wanting to lose a penny on a console sold is their own downfall.

Ill totally pick one up for $199

Brasi19891958d ago

I bet that by the time the PS4 and the Xbox One launch the WiiU will either already have a price drop or drop the price before Black Friday (should the next two consoles launch before then) I see the Deluxe version being priced at $299. Now people like "kreate" above me say $200 but that is too low. Also realize that you receive a $60 game in the deluxe version making the console itself (if they decided to sell it that way) $240. A very reasonable amount of money in my mind for a console with the power between PS360 and PS4One. I think the upcoming games will definitely help sell the system and with full support from a few 3rd parties publishers the WiiU could really shine.

Triforce0791959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

All this more games really gets me there are 96 games announced for the next 12 months with lots more being announced soon ??? Iwata has said lots of 3rd party games out in 2013 that are still not announced yet so no games ?? list me over a 100 games for ps4/xbox1 i'm waiting.....

Plus Titanfall is 360 ect and is said to be xbox1's best game ?? most good games for Sony and Microsoft's audience are on ps3 and 360 this year like GTA5 and WATCHDOGS,COD GHOSTS,ect ect,why would them gamers make the switch their not even backward compatible ??

Plus to make it worse developers have stated core graphics and gameplay will be same on ps3 as ps4 ect and so on so only slight details will be better and the odd AI ???? with WiiU you have a nextgen game on 2 or 3 screens running at once when there is 2 GAMEPAD support anyway wow,offtv play,special gameplay like splintercell ??? at least wiiu offers something new and amazing graphics Beyonetta2/MK8/X ect.

SymphonicRain1959d ago

You misspelled Bayonetta

Oh and your comment is trash. The Wii U is a cool system and all, but it could use more 3rd party support. Also you're comparing the number of announced games for a console that has had 8 months on the market to consoles that haven't released yet. Good one.

hellzsupernova1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

None of that matters if sales don't improve

GenericNameHere1959d ago

PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers are switching to PS4 because they want a taste of next-gen. So what if the PS4 and Xbone aren't backwards compatible? Did you skip the Wii U because GameCube GC was taken out? Did PS3 gamers abandon the PS3 once PS2 GC was gone? Did Nintendo fans skip the GameCube because Nintendo has finally went with discs (several years late to the party), and the GC wasn't BC with those hundreds of dollars worth of N64 cartridges?

Also, eventually with Gaikai (as Microsoft calls it TEH CLOUDZOR!!!!), you'll be able to play PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on both PS4 and Vita over the cloud! That's basically the Wii U Gamepad right there, so it won't be a Wii U only experience once it gets rolling. The Wii U Gamepad will not be offering anything new once the PS4 comes.

Also, WOW! Your last paragraph basically said "Wii U is a next gen console because you get 2 or 3 screens! Devs said Xbone and PS4 only bit better than PS3 and X360."
And have amazing graphics like Bayonetta 2, X, and Mario Kart 8? Look, the Wii U is not a whole lot stronger than the Xbox 360 and PS3. And the PS4 and Xbone are going to be MUCH STRONGER than the Wii U. I can't deny that X looks good, but to think the Xbone and PS4 won't provide graphics* BETTER than that is just fanboy delusions.

*by graphics, I mean technically. If you have a good artstyle, then the game will always look good in any generation. But Nintendo games always go for that cartoony style, rather than something realistic, which is why their games looks so good. But this doesn't let them off the hook. Nintendo always plays it safe by going with ALWAYS going cartoony. They never change their style.

humbleopinion1959d ago

" most good games for Sony and Microsoft's audience are on ps3 and 360 this year like GTA5 and WATCHDOGS,COD GHOSTS,ect"

And that is the WiiU's biggest problem: it's not even getting most of the current gen multiplatforms so why even switch to it? All at the same time, next-gen multiplatforms shared between the PS4 and XB1 don't even consider the WiiU as a platform so there is pretty much nothing to expect from 3rd parties in years to come.

It is a console with no present and not future. What is the point in owning one?

Triforce0791958d ago

Why can no1 name me over a 100 confirmed in development games ???? even between xbox1 and ps4 combined ???? didn't think so all fanboy talk the wiiu has no games yeah right,here are some games that are not on ps4 or xbox1.

Splintercell Blacklist
Batman origins
Sonic lost world
Wonderful 101
About 50 indie games
Project CAR'S
Team ninja project

Not even a 1st party game here,when you add all the watchdogs and assasins 4 and so on basically the multiplats and the games we are yet to learn Iwata's words then i'm sure WiiU will have the best line up for sure,X,Mariokart,Smash bros,Bayonetta2,all for spring 2014 wow.

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C0MPUT3R1959d ago

I disagree the system should be a lot more powerful and come with a hard drive for $349, I mean add $50 you can
get a PS4 that comes with a 500GB Hard Drive.
The Wii U needs a price cut bad. $199 would be a fair price for it. OK $249 because of the gamepad.

lukeb4dunk1958d ago

I'm thinking $250 is probably the best idea for them right now. $100 is better hit to take, than the $150 cut that some are suggesting here.

madjedi1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )


You know you'll just get 5 or disagrees from the nintendo fans that preach how the gamepads innovative features or uniqueness justify the extra $50-100 mark up over current gen. Too bad the gaming world is saying otherwise.

And yeah the wii u's specs and it's price point is hilarious compared to the $400 ps4 with it's specs.

Nintendo needs a minimum $250 price point, because it looks like a current gen system(7-8 yr old dinosaurs) to alot of ps3/360 owners.

Some might see $300+ of value in the wii u, i don't see anything above $200-250, but that is a useless effort here.

To the guys saying specs matter, your talking to nintendo fans, specs will never matter to them since nintendo will practically always be behind in tech.

Hence the gameplay over graphics banner will alway be faithfully flown by nintendo biggest supporters.

The industry has their console generation time line and nintendo has it own. Which seem to be a minimum 3-5 yrs apart, which is how long i'll wait to pick one up.

yeahokchief1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

nah hes talking out his ass.

if nintendo can release some really solid 1st party games then eveyrone who owns either a ps4 or xb1 will also own a wii u. its like a sidekick to the bigger 2 consoles.

it depends on how well nintendo develops games for mature audiences in addition to the family market which they've already been leaning on heavily.

the families have seen your adverts nintendo. stop trying to go cutsie, hardcore family focused and give gamers some games we actually want to play! imagine if the original mario bros was as family focused as their games are today. i dont think they'd have been as successful as they were.

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dedicatedtogamers1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Pachter is making factually-incorrect statements:

"And we know EA has no games in development for Wii U."

I thought EA took this back? It was some disgruntled ex-EA employee or something that claimed EA wasn't making any Wii-U games, and then a few days later they said they were?

EDIT ah here we go

Yeah, EA is making Wii-U games, just not as many as they'll be making for X1 and PS4. Seems a bit off, Pachter, to give your analysis when you don't even have your basic facts straight.

PopRocks3591959d ago

Pachter has had a tendency to jump to extremes and get a lot of things wrong. Even with the Wii U's present woes, it's not surprising that he'd be off-base in some respect here.

1959d ago
Redempteur1959d ago

Correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think we saw a fifa, nba live or madden on wii U during E3.

If Ea can't EVEN bring the easy franchises to Wii U , then yeah they are in trouble.
Heck not even need for speed , isn't on Wii U.

Them "taking the statement back " was just a polite way to not anger nintendo more , but right now it's painfully obvious they don't care about the wii U because they're not making anything worthy for the console.

KrisButtar1958d ago

I agree EA does have some in development, but what I see going on is when the PS4/XB1 get a ton of games from EA, all of which are using the frostbite 3(their new baby). The WiiU version of the game is going to be a crappy port because the games will only frostbite 2(which doesn't run well on the WiiU according to your link) EA will complain again when they don't sell because no one likes a crappy port and that puts us back to where we are now because the last batch of games they released on the WiiU were crappy ports. EA has pretty much one foot out the door already.

Baka-akaB1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

After all the lies EA feed on any platforms why suddenly choose to believe their polite and vague PR when it comes to the wii U ? Of course when they drop a console they say otherwise , that's their way .

It's not as if EA said openly and publicly "f*ck the Dreamcast" back then either . They always have some nice PR way to tell you off .

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TripC501959d ago

hey good news for Nintendo!
I mean if patcher says its doomed then its bound for success.

Wii U will do better when more games arrive.

TripC501959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

And 3DS=Nintendo doing okay.

AJBACK2FRAG1958d ago

I was right! Wii U wins the eighth video game generation console war! I'm so psyched! God bless Mikey P. If Mikey said the sky was going to be blue tomorrow I'd expect the sky to be pink and purple and have the texture of cotton candy.

showtimefolks1959d ago

wii-u has the same problems as all nintendo consoles, on specs level they are not able to compete with the competition. I know Patcher is wrong more often than not but i agreed with his opinion that wii-u or wiiHD should have happened back in 2010, when wii was still hot and would have gotten a lot of their casual fanbase buying the next machine

now wiiu is no where near as powerful as xbox one or ps4 and 3rd parties see no reason to invest into wiiu. Nintendo home consoles have a long history of not being able to sell 3rd party games dating 20 years back.

I don't think Nintendi is in any trouble but wiiu won't be able to compete with ps4/xbox one. It will be 3rd this gen and that's gonna be considered bad when last cycle wii sold 100 plus million

why isn't GTA5 on wiiu? that's only one of many big games not coming to wiiu and that has to change, Nintendo has a lot of money so why not pay 100 million for the game to be released same day on wiiu as ps3/xbox360 and all dlc exclusive for 30 days on wiiu

Nintendo needs to make a bold statement

also nintendo fans i hate the fact every time people bring up the concern wiiu has no games you guys say oh well all the exclusives are coming soon, well how could nintendo prepare so poorly and not have more 1st-2nd party games available already

also if sony or ms make one too many sequels its milking IP's yet we should be excited for mario kart 8 and SSB? why does the gaming media hold sony and ms to different standards and nintendo is given a free pass for basically making the same games year after year

I hope Nintendo fails badly with wiiu not because i hate nintendo but they need to open their damn eyes and join the gamers in 2013 instead of living 10 years back

witcher 3

these are some of the biggest games and none are coming out on wiiu

NihonjinChick1959d ago

"wii-u has the same problems as all nintendo consoles, on specs level they are not able to compete with the competition. "

Specs have never really mattered. Wii and PS2 were both weaker than the competition.

*Fun fact: The GameCube was the 2nd most powerful console out of the three on the market the generation it was out*

So not all Nintendo consoles had that problem.

TripC501959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

People don't seem to realize that specs don't matter as much as games in regards to console sale figures. Your example of Wii and PS2 sales is good. But I've got a better one, how much more powerful is the PSVita compared to the 3DS? Now don't get me wrong the Vita will be, and recently has been, selling better later on but that's also a great example of games beating specs.

WiiU struggles are because of lack of games, but they have games coming and if they are good then it will be all good.. PS4 will do as good only if the games are good. Xbox1 will do good if its games are good. In my opinion the future looks survivable for everyone. It's all good.

Use of the word good (9)

Polysix1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Times have changed. Specs DO matter these days as people expect more. I had a gamecube and enjoyed some great games on it mostly exclusives (resi remake, resi 4 - until it was launched on ps/pc etc), I didn't have a PS2 (I had PS1, PS3 and will have PS4).

The problem is the timing was wrong for Nintendo and the spec wasn't good enough. It's a last gen system that's all there is to it.

Nintendo need to pretend the whole 'wii' thing was a side line and launch another NEW console as good as PS4 (or better) but with full backwards compat with Wii-U games - then their fortunes will turn, it's not anyone's fault but Nintendos that they stubbornly refuse to deliver powerful hardware since the Wii days relying on the same old IP rejigged over and over... the system is stale and needs a shake up.

Concertoine1959d ago

The gamecube and n64 were more powerful than the ps1 and ps2. Even the SNES topped the Genesis, unless you consider those obscure ones like the Neo Geo and such. Getting sick of people acting like nintendo started with the wii...
while complaining about slow exclusives is relevant now, complaining about no games at launch is a year too late, isnt it?
The thing is those games just don't have an audience on nintendo platforms (except GTA 5 that'll sell anywhere). And you can't really expect a racing game and a fighting game to have revolutionary sequels, so bad examples for a valid point. LoZ needs to evolve, and mario needs to get a bit of a rest.

Polysix1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Exactly but specs too... it has to compete with the best third party versions, it's that simple. And for Nintendos part yes they must evolve their beloved IP and tone down the 'kiddy side' for a while. Invent new 'hardcore' ip with Nintendo fun but in a much more attractive/evoloved shell. That would make them great once again and I'd put my money down day one for such a system from them with their games.

I can only imagine how cool a new metroid prime/ 3D would be on a system that could actually do it proper next gen justice (1.5x the power of PS4 say - Ninty could do it now they are out of synch with this gen - just launch a "Super nintendo 128" console or whatever in 2015 and they are back in the game)

TongkatAli1959d ago

The kiddy games is the reason they're successful and yes those games can still be enjoyed by adults.

Nothing wrong with Mario and Monkey Ball every now and then. I like both violent and cute games.

sentury1111959d ago

I agree about the games comment. The titles that get sequels on other platforms beside Nintendo get blasted for following a formula.

But when Nintendo announces (kind of pointless since it's a matter of time, not if) a follow up with the same characters, similar storyline, if not the exact same with Mario it's hailed as the next great game.

Then beyond just the games, when is Nintendo going to implement online into their games? The new 3D Mario is Coop but local play only, same for the 2D version. The party games are all local, etc. Seriously, they make their games on the cheap, don't add features and don't get blasted when they do it.

Also, where is the Achievement system on the Wii, why not add online play for the Virtual console games? Wow you can play on a second screen, I can do that on my tablet with a Controller plugged in, Smartphone. Oh, they added a save feature. How amazing, lets buy SMB for the 10th time. How about leaderboards too? They are slow at releasing them and add next to nothing to games. Whatever, maybe in 5 years I'll pick one up and test it out. But currently I could care less about games that will be out in a year that I've played before.


"on specs level they are not able to compete with the competition. "

I'd suggest you take a look at the history of console wars and which systems came out on top before you submit your half baked comments!

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Khronikos1959d ago

LOL he is exactly right here people. Writing is on the wall. This is another Gamecube and if you can't see that well then all the more power to you. Doesn't mean it won't have some nifty games.

NihonjinChick1959d ago

"This is another Gamecube"

Anything that wasn't a PS2 sold horrible that generation.

Theyellowflash301959d ago

Yeah, the PS2 is the reason the Gamecube and Xbox sold so bad. Sony isn't replicating the PS2 with the PS4. The 3DS has taken that roll.

And speaking on the 3DS. Nintendo is not in a world of trouble, because the 3DS is on a legendary tear right now. Over 32 million units sold in about 2 years!

Nintendo is just fine. Now if Sony's PS4 doesn't dominate this holiday and for the generation....they are in a world of trouble because the PS Vita is failing worldwide right now, and the system has been on the market for over a year now.

fei-hung1959d ago

Can't compare handhelds to a home console for many reasons which is why the PS2 is king of the home consoles and the 3DS is the king of handhelds.

As bad as the Vita might be, it as either selling the same or more than the WiiU on a weekly basis and further more, when the PS4 will be released, it will get a second chance as a second screen companion. I don't see WiiU getting that same second chance.

You are right about Nintendo not being in trouble as a hardware developer as the core fan base buys enough games on handheld and console to make Nintendo some profits. If the WiiU is capable of doing N64 or GameCube numbers, it will be fine, but at the moment, it's lacking those amazing games the N64 and GameCube had. Where is the Lylat War Sequel? Why not make another Diddy Kong Racing? Starfox adventures? Invest in their own Banko Kazooi style game or Conker? Maybe their own version of Perfect Dark?

They've made a great start with Bayonetta and Sonic, I'm hoping they keep it coming and Nintendo's core fan base invest in these 3rd party games.

TongkatAli1959d ago

I love Bulbasuar. I would never want Nintendo to die. Bulbasuar special edition 3DS needs to be made.

Theyellowflash301959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Yes, you can compare handhelds to home consoles when it comes to MONEY, which they both make.

If you really think the PS Vita is going to outsell the Wii U over the PS4 being released you are undermining the selling power of Nintendo big titles like Mario, Sonic, Zelda, DKC, and Wii Fit.

The Wii U is getting a bunch of games starting with Pikmin 3 this month. Nintendo is then investing in a new IP: The Wonderful 101 next month.

In October Nintendo has The Windwaker HD, Sonic Lost World, and Wii Party U. November has DKC Tropical Freeze. Then in December you have Wii Fit U and Super Mario 3D World.

All of these games are big franchises that will expand the user base and push consoles.

It's a bit unfair to compare consoles that have been on the market for years to a console that has been on the market for under a year.

Why make Diddy Kong Racing when you have Sonic and Mario Kart? Why make Star Fox Adventure when you have Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 coming?

Nintendo already has Mario, Sonic Lost World, and DKC Tropical Freeze for this year, they don't need to create another platformer like Banjo Kazooi or Conker.

And as far as Perfect Dark goes, there is no point. Wii U fans can just buy Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, or COD instead. Plus Nintendo is not very good at FPS. RARE made that game.


Agreed. Sony are undoubtedly taking a MAJOR hit on the price of the PS4 and if it doesn't sell as least the same numbers as the PS1, I can see Sony's accountant jumping of a high rise!

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