Innex shows the new old-school with its wireless retro gamepads

Video game peripheral distributer Innex shows that old school can be new again as it prepares to release its lineup of Hypermode wireless controllers for the Nintendo 64, original NES/SNES, and SEGA Genesis video game consoles. Two of the controllers are also PC/Mac compatible.

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cpayne931985d ago

If your old controllers break. I still use my n64, so i might grab one of these.

Agent_00_Revan1985d ago

I still use mine too from time to time. And nothing is more annoying that having that 3 or 4 ft cord that doesn't reach my couch.

It was fine when we were kids sitting on the floor in front of the TV, but it doesn't cut it these days.

iliimaster1985d ago

this no doubt will go in my collection

ScamperCamper1985d ago

If the stick sucks then those suck. Chances are??