Tokyo Jungle Coming To PlayStation Mobile On July 10

Tokyo Jungle, the creative PlayStation C.A.M.P. game where you control different animals wandering in Japan, is coming to PlayStation Mobile. Leaks from this week’s issue of Famitsu says it has a top down perspective, which suggests it won’t be exactly the same as the PlayStation 3 game.

PlayStation Mobile titles are compatible with Vita and select Android devices. Tokyo Jungle is scheduled to come out on July 10 and will only cost 300 yen ($3) at launch. Afterwards, the game will go up to its usual price of 600 yen ($6).

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sherimae24133382d ago

why topdown? they should have just port the ps3 version to vita instead....

Snookies123382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I'd like them to port it to Vita as well! Though top-down doesn't sound all that bad. Seems like it would work okay with this game. Though I'm not sure how you'd really work going up buildings and stuff like that. o_o

sherimae24133382d ago

well i think themain purpose of this game is for android/phone users anyway......
i hope sony will port the ps3 version to vita in the near future or maybe...... "rain" instead hahaha i wish ^_^

jujubee883382d ago

High spec console/PC games that "write to the metal" can not be ported to PSM w/out first making some serious adjustments to the code (and look overall).

The dictionary (API) found in Playstation certified devices "translation ears" (APU) can only take PSM's dictionary terms so far.

In order for PSM to speak in, say, VITA's native tongue would mean training PSM to pick up VITA slang, extra dictionary definitions, etc (which isn't the point because other machines wont know the same as VITA, but other PS certified devices have the same kind of "translation ear"). Therefore, you want PSM's dictionary to stay in tact (compressed and dumb it maybe to the other machines) in order to preserve compatibility.


3382d ago
WhiskyWhiskers3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Yea this is somewhat pointless. No offense but the PS Vita can clearly handle Tokyo Jungle, not a watered down version. The PSP probably could handle Tokyo Jungle, maybe not as sharp looking but I know it could also.

I play it with remote play all the time but I was hoping they would eventually port it. I would have gladly purchased the PS Vita version without hesitation but I have no interest in a version that won't be the same.

Sucks. :( I guess it is good for mobile users, not that great for Vita users.

r213382d ago

PSM version. Odd move, they could just easily make a vita version. Will wait on further detail.

WeAreLegion3382d ago

Watered down? No thanks. Tokyo Jungle is brilliant. Don't screw it up and scratch your heads when no one buys it.

Mr-SellJack3382d ago

Tokyo jungle easily has the most replay value of All also:psn dl games,my first psn game also :-D