How Pokémon Is Evolving For X & Y

GR: "It will be 15 years since Pokémon Red and Blue arrived in America by the time X & Y make their debut internationally on 3DS, but I've been reluctant to get excited because it's also been nearly 15 years since I've really cared about a Pokémon game."

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dbjj120882117d ago

Do you play in 3D a lot? I only turn it on for cutscenes and to see what parts of the game looks like in 3D.

Trunkz Jr2116d ago

Thats 100% what I do as well. It's not because it bugs my eyes either, it's because I play long periods and I want the battery to last longer ^^

acharlez2117d ago

So excited for more Pokemon!!

knifefight2117d ago

There are so many these days that it's neigh impossible, ugh o_O