Stunning “The Last of Us” Art: Disney-Style

Check out this amazing Naughty Dog-approved artwork posted on DeviantArt by argentinaland. Prepare yourself, then hit the the jump for one of “The Last of Us” pieces and a link to more of her work.

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MikeyDucati11937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Favorite is the Infinite one. TLOU definitely looks cool. And the ID one. Nice work.

Pintheshadows1937d ago

They are really really good.

1936d ago
retrofly1937d ago

Hang on, was this a link to a link site with a link?

WTF, hit grabbing much!

Direct link - http://argentinaland.devian...

steven241936d ago

@retrofly like being a douchebag much? Seems like this website was just reporting news that no one else was.

level 3601936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Would really love to see a *movie sequel be done **ASAP with Ellen Page ( as Ellie ) and Gerard Butler ( Joel ).

ShugaCane1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Butler is a terrible actor in my opinion. I would've chosen Daniel Day Lewis or Hugh Jackman instead.

On topic : Cool art indeed. Reminds me of the chara design of Tarzan or Treasure Planet.

MikeyDucati11936d ago

Eh when I think DDL, I think historical figures. I think he lacks a certain level of contained emotion that Gerald has in spades within comparison. I agree with Level just because Gerald Butler plays a good scorned, hardened by environment dad. I saw that in Law Abiding Citizen. And Joel's ferocity could be matched with Gerald. The face and body type too.

NpsXgamer1936d ago

Yes. I thought that was what this link was about. Why Ellen again... I thought they agreed this is not Ellen page...

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