Halo 4 is Top-Selling Microsoft Studios Game of All Time in the U.S.

Exciting news for the Halo team at 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios – critically acclaimed, “Halo 4” is now the best-selling Microsoft Studios title ever in the U.S. market*, surpassing its predecessor, “Halo 3” for sales during each respective launch year.

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shivvy241961d ago

congrats to bungie oh and 343i ! well 343 were handed everything including code etc from bungie

WildArmed1961d ago

Still a lot of the credit goes to Bungie for building up the franchise. And the hard work 343 put in to fill bungie's shoes.

JokesOnYou1961d ago

Congrats 343, I was a bit worried wondering if anybody could do Halo without messing up the legendary franchise Bungie created. Halo4 turned out to be very refreshing while still maintaining the good old Halo experience, loved it.

SJPFTW1961d ago

uses a heavily modified Halo engine and Halo 4 looks 10 times better than Reach. So 343 did a good job, and deserve most of the credit. Bungie with Reach was the worst game, good game but the worst Halo game. Armor Lock... nuff said.

B-radical1961d ago

343 did a great job amped the graphics and made a brillant story imo

ritsuka6661961d ago

I really like Halo 4, so I'm glad it's doing well.

[email protected] Disagrees..

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GameCents1961d ago

Wow. Good job 343i. And to think I'm yet to get it. I suck at Halo online, but I do love the lore.

I'll get it when it comes to Games with Gold. . .in 5 years lol. No but seriously, well done 343i. Rightly deserved.

Starbucks_Fan1961d ago

You can find it for as cheap as $20 now. It's on sale a lot.

Kayant1960d ago

Hate to burst your bubble on Games for gold but it doesn't last that long. It's only until the release of the Xbox one.... Terms & Conditions: *“Games with Gold” bonus games offer available 6/10/13-12/31/13 for paid Gold members only.

If you don't believe me read the t&c here for yourself --->

Corpser1961d ago

Congrats to 343, great game

UNGR1961d ago

Well you released a turd that pandered to casuals, and has a population consisting of nothing. Nothing to be proud of. It was the classic milking of a series, they didn't even have the decency to keep the formula the same. Don't expect the next Halo to sell better, a lot of the core fans are pissed. Hence why the population is dead.

CrossingEden1961d ago

*that awkward moment when someone is complaining that a company didn't keep the formula the same in the sixth installment of a game series, only then to complain about how developers don't try new things*

UNGR1961d ago

When you have a competitive shooter, you don't change things. Disagreeing is pointless, facts are facts. The fanboy dribble here is far from discouraging. Some things need to change, others don't. People wonder why games like Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament are successful. Well balanced games, don't change much. Halo 4 was a turd, the population, and the abandonment of MLG is solid proof it can't be competitive anymore.

1961d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.