Sony at E3: An Overview of Five Exclusives for the PS4

This year’s E3 found Sony holding most of the marbles. Yes, Microsoft touted exclusive games like Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive, and their games looked pretty, but gamers were less than enthusiastic about the features of the Xbox One, especially the need for an online connection every 24 hours and the restrictions on used and shared games. The outcry forced Microsoft to do a 180, reversing their position on their less than well received stances in order to mollify the gaming community and not lose everything to Sony and Nintendo. The 100 dollar difference between the consoles may yet prove the difference in who holds the edge for the next generation of gaming, but with Microsoft’s reversals things come more back to the games, and Sony provided a look at several, including five exclusives, with the promise to announce more later at Gamescon. The five are a mix between new IPs and old franchises. The new IPs are Knack, The Order: 1886, and Driveclub, with next gen additions to the K...

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remanutd552123d ago

I'm getting all 5 but Knack will be the first game i will play on my ps4.

rigbybot1272123d ago

Most likely mine, as well, but there are so many great launch titles that it's a bit hard to choose.

hulk_bash19872122d ago

Knack and Shdaowfall, maybe Driveclub if I like the Playstation Plus Edition.

C0MPUT3R2122d ago

Dat Cerny Luv. lol
You got to get Knack if you loved Crash, Spryo, Jak, & Ratchet back in the day.
I'm buying it just to pay homage to Cerny.

ZBlacktt2122d ago

At first I wasn't sure about Knack. I'll be honest. But the more I've seen game play. I'm most certainly getting this game! It is brilliantly created and more so by the creator behind the PS4.

david_lck2122d ago

Pretty solid lineup, I am most interested in inFamous Second Son, that game has awesome written all over it

Bathyj2122d ago

you mean it has awesome burnt into it

TuCk3rO2122d ago

Driveclub is gonna be awesome

b3ast2122d ago

Just wish they had a rpg at launch but kzsf looks awesome

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