Naughty Dog on The Last of Us DLC: “We Aren’t Sure What it is Yet” but are “Already Planning”

Trying to figure out just what we can expect to see from the DLC Naughty Dog is making for The Last of Us seems to be a fools errand at this point, with only minimal clues involving that it’ll be a “side story”. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1961d ago

But they sold the season pass already!

dbjj120881961d ago

Yeah this news kind of pisses me off. Like the BIoshock Infinite season pass. Where the hell is my DLC now?

supraking9511961d ago

wow the game just released not long ago, already screaming for more? if this was EA and they released dlc within a week or two you would cry wolf

MikeyDucati11961d ago

That is part of the risk of buying season pass. This is nothing new.

plaZeHD1961d ago

The game just came out what three weeks ago. Wait until like 2-4 months from now.

matrixman921961d ago

yeah...Bioshocks is kind of ridiculous at this point. They need to give us at least some info, other than that they are working on it

admiralvic1961d ago

@ Supraking951

I am getting real sick of people acting like everyone is a hypocrite because opposite opinions exist.

Some people like instant gratification, others rather wait and savor the game and then the first pack and then the second pack and so forth.
Some people want campaign content, where as others (most likely) would love to see the multiplayer expanded upon.
Just like there were people that supported the Xbox One DRM (if you preordered it prior to it being removed, I consider that supporting it. Though there were people that didn't mind the concepts and thought others were complaining too much), Online Passes, Day 1 DLC and just about everything else people consider "bad".

Seriously, unless it's the same person doing this stuff, then no one is being a hypocrite. They're just different opinions...

nick3091960d ago

Be patient, no one wants half assed dlc.

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jc485731961d ago

this season pass is more like a kickstarter lol.

CalvinKlein1961d ago

i didnt buy the season pass because I want to see what it is before buying it, but im really looking forward to whatever it is becasue I love tha game. by the time I hear about it ill be mroe than ready for more LoU.

CrimsonStar1961d ago

Yea i will never buy a season pass again too risky , yea thats right borderland 2 I'm talking about you !!!!

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Mr_Nuts1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

See this is the sort of "paradox" with DLC

- If it comes out straight away we wonder why it wasn't part of the game, most of the time we learn it has been cut. We complain


- If it comes out ages after release you end up saying "hurry up" and sometimes most people move onto other games or don't care about the DLC anymore. Again people complain because we end up waiting too long

It seems developers in general can never get the balance just right. I mean this falls into the latter and it's worrying since they aren't sure what is what yet since knowing ND it will take a little while to create with how perfect they like things.

TrendyGamers1961d ago

You could almost say it's a... Quantum Conundrum.

MikeyDucati11961d ago

Lol is it the developers that should balance that? Or is it really on the shoulders of gamers for not understanding? Ah...questions...

badz1491961d ago

and short to boot...and then BAAM day-1 DLC, of course people will question the practice but I don't think TLoU falls under that category! the game has good length to it and doesn't feel gimped at all! fans just want more of it because it's THAT good! I hope the DLC will be something like DLC for GTAIV. one can hope, right?

Mr_Nuts1961d ago

I kind of meant this dilemma for all games short and long ones.

Fallout/Elder Scrolls or Bioshock are good examples, the games are full of content and are never lacking even without an online yet there comes a time when you feel like your waiting so long for the DLC. Bioshock Infinte is a prime example, people paid money for a season pass and they haven't got there moneys worth yet. The game came out in March and we don't even know what the DLC will even be

admiralvic1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I wouldn't say it's a paradox, just most companies handle it the wrong way.

Probably the best example of it done right is Muramasa Rebirth.

You see, in January it was announced the game would get four DLC characters and we got a sample image of what they would look like and a note saying they will have their own stories. This was 3 months before the game released in Japan, so it was a fair amount of heads up. Around the games release we learned how they will play and to my knowledge we still have yet to see any of them release (or even an in game shot of them).

While the wait sucks, I still know exactly what I am getting and that at least makes the wait tolerable.

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Brianaro1961d ago

You guys complain when a company has a Dlc within a month of realease because it could of been on the game disc now you guys are complaining because the dlc is taking too long. Jeez

sashimi1961d ago

In their defense it might be TLOU effect going on. The game is so good that we just want more and we want it now! kind of feeling. I know i'd like some SP dlc to give us some back story for ellie, tess, bill, joel about how got to know each other, and some MP dlc with different modes(horde mode would be awesome)

admiralvic1961d ago

People complain about everything... that is just sort of how the world is. Though like everything else, too many people forget that different opinions exist. I kid you not, some people like to quickly get all the DLC, where as others don't, hence why both sides have complaints.

Anyway, I think it's a bit different when Sony was more than happy to offer the Season Pass BEFORE it even released, yet Naughty Dog seems to have no ****ing idea what some people bought. It really makes you question what Sony was thinking on this one.

RE_L_MAYER1961d ago

Take my money now naughty dog...just take it and I dont even want anything...dlc would be nice

CrimsonStar1961d ago

Uhhhhhh I love naughty dog too but that way of thinking (or worshiping) is what gets us day 1 locked disk dlc .

Jovanian 1961d ago

1. if you don't know what you're going to do for DLC, don't ask for advanced purchases of it months ahead

2. if you do know what you're doing for DLC before the game is shipped, make it a day 1 FREE dlc or include it in the game itself before it ships

unfortunately ND is transgressing the first DLC sin, and as a developer I have lost a bit of respect for them

ltachiUchiha1960d ago

Id understand if it didnt have any multiplayer but seeing that alot of ppl are actually enjoying it, I hope naughty dog take their time & create some really great dlc. I dont want to pay for rushed dlc like most games do.

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