Gaming History X: Xboned - Microsoft Market Perception

This week we are trying something new. Fred is flying solo (just this week) and he's talking about Microsoft's poor messaging of the Xbox One, the way it should have been handled, and in true GH101 fashion the myriad of consoles that have failed in the past.

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komp2116d ago

Even the raccoon wants in on this thread outcome:

Gekko362116d ago

Just put in my XBOX One pre-order!

I'll never buy a Japanese console. PR aside it doesn't change that the XB1 is awesome. I'll let MS get their shit together but in the mean time I' counting the days for a brilliant system!

devwan2116d ago

So before xbox came along, what, you were rocking the Atari Jaguar for 10 years? DO THE MATH.

ziggurcat2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

'murica... the reason why you won't buy a japanese console is... ?

FITgamer2116d ago

Aren't both xbox and the majority playstations manufactured in China?

Gekko362115d ago

@devwan was a PC gamer, before that and finding about about Japans view of the xbox I played Sega consoles as a kid.

@ziggurcat see above, I'm Welsh so am ambivalent regarding America. The country could fall into choas reverting to slavery and I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

@fitgamer They probably are, and that's cool, I just won't buy anything the sold buy the Japanese.

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warewolfSS2116d ago

N4g is such a good reliable source for gaming. It has it's own community of devs and critics.

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Godmars2902116d ago

When they did their first presentation where they should have talked about features like game sharing and how Kinect 2.0 was better than Kinect 1.0, just stuck to the technical aspects of the system, they only talked about TV. With the second E3 showing they only talked about games when they needed to talk about more. Turns out that even then they hadn't figured out what they wanted to do with it. Really made the mistake of sticking to things which they shouldn't have while trying to make up their minds.

There's no way that they could have done better because they just didn't give themselves time to think about what they were doing.

devwan2116d ago

game sharing = demo sharing.

dark-hollow2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

People are still stuck in the may 22 reveal.

MS showed games (tons of them and a lot of new IPs which was the most requested thing on this site by realgamers™) removed the DRM and the used games restrictions.
They talked about the media aspects in the may reveal and they talked about the games in E3

Just move on.

Godmars2902116d ago

Yes. Because they sent the wrong message with it. it was an utterly wasted opportunity.

dedicatedtogamers2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Let's say you went out on a first date with a woman. While she is beautiful, she has a terrible personality, she has an annoying voice, and at the end of the date she announced "oh, by the way, I've been divorced six times and if we're gonna be together, you're going to need to give up [insert your favorite hobby]"...

...that would be a bit alarming, yeah?

And then over the next few weeks, she leaves insulting messages on your phone, calls you an idiot, calls your boss at work and makes up lies about you, stalks you, and threatens to slash your car tires.

But then, she calls and says "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go so crazy. I promise I won't do any of that bad stuff. I'm really great in bed. Please, can we go out on a second date?"

I would be terrified to go on a second date with this woman, but the fact that people are not only forgetting past behavior but even rushing out to marry this girl is beyond disturbing!

devwan2116d ago

urgh, "myriad of", grumble mumble.

flipflopfacts2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

cool beans