Gaming as heritage: why I’m teaching my son to use a mouse and keyboard

The PA Report: "I’m not even sure why this is so important to me, as the trend seems to be moving towards controllers, even for first-person shooters on the PC. There is something culturally important to me about the mouse and keyboard as a way to interact with video games though. It’s how I grew up, and it’s a skill I’d love to see continue with my children. I once joked that I felt like a surviving member of a dying race, and I wanted to pass on my language to my family, and then I realized I wasn’t really joking."

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ZBlacktt2121d ago

This story is a tad deeper then just gaming my friend, lol. When you start talking about God and sexual preference for you kids. I was like what games....

jeffgoldwin2121d ago

You really based your whole assessment of the article on 1 side note? Your either have severe adhd or a reading malfunction if you derived from that from this 1 quote in that whole article:

"I don’t really care if my kids believe in God, or which god they believe in...I don’t really care if they grow up to like men or women"

talisker2121d ago

Keyboard and mouse - straight way to get NCS before you're 30.

BoneIdle2121d ago

Pffft back in my day we used the arrow keys not these fancy mice !

2121d ago
sdozzo2121d ago

Controller or mouse are good at their respected genre. Both have fond memories etc.

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