Shuhei Yoshida: 'Games are all about having fun, right?'

Of course, PS4 games may be so good you won't think twice about buying them new. "The only reason people look to spend several hundred euros to get a dedicated games system is because there are experiences that are only available on PS4," Yoshida said. "That's the message we really focused on in New York [back in February 2013] . . . There's the kind of attitude that we used to have back in the PS one days. Games are all about having fun, right? So we enjoy what we're doing, whether it's making games or communicating about them."

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Godmars2902120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

So how about making a few actual "games" rather that the "experiences" which have involving but linear stories and limited replay value?

Unless multiplayer is tacked on - cause we all love tacked on mother-f***ing multiplayer!


SilentNegotiator2119d ago

"Yes we are"

What is he even responding to?

GenericNameHere2120d ago

"So how about making a few actual "games" rather that the "experiences" which have involving but linear stories and limited replay value?"

I feel you are talking about Uncharted/TLOU/Heavy Rain/Beyond:Two Souls about this one. I'm just gonna tell you that the Uncharted games were cinematic yet FUN. In The Last of Us, I had FUN throughout the whole game. It was fun anticipating the next event. It was fun throwing a brick or bottle to distract the enemy and get them together in one area, then BOOM! Throw a Molotov and set them all on fire, with a big freaking smile on your face. Or maybe throw a nail bomb on see their limbs explode and be like "WHOA! THAT'S AWESOME!" The Uncharted games and The Last of Us were able to combine the best of story telling, character growth, and gameplay.
Yeah, making tools isn't as thorough, like you need to get 5 of these items which makes this one item, which then when combined with another item makes another item. Crafting in the TLOU is simple yet great. You don't need to memorize a dozen of items to make one good item. You don't need to be complex to be a really good game. Sometimes having simple yet fun gameplay is better than an overly complicated one that's not fun.

Also, point-and-click games don't have much gameplay, if none at all. I bet they suck too, huh?

Godmars2902120d ago

There are $60 - not including DLC - point and click games?

FlameHawk2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Obviously you have never played any of those games if you think they are "point and click" games. Especially if you think Heavy Rain is a point and click game,lol nice joke.

Foliage2119d ago

I'm on my 3rd playthrough of The Last of Us; it's quite possibly the best game I have played in the current generation on either console. They hit this one out of the park; I still have multiplayer to get into after my Survivor+ pass. This game was absolutely worth the money; especially knowing I am supporting the best developer out there.

Uncharted also had a huge amount of replay value and solid multi-player. The people blasting the game have no doubt never tried it; attempting to bad mouth it because they don't own a PS3. Making it more of a target is that the 360 has not had a single game worth buying in multiple years now; before that they only had 1 solid title a year; if even that. I'm not a Halo fan; sorry... it's an average shooter with unbalanced weapons and you feel like you're playing amongst kids in a playground and babysitting.

I never played Heavy Rain; I had no interest in it. I appreciate the concept and that gamers have a choice of variety in games on the PS3; it was just not MY thing. I did preorder Beyond; that game will be pretty solid. The PS3 is still going strong.

ApolloTheBoss2120d ago

There's no need to be upset.

Godmars2902120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Considering that one of the most broken and design restrictive, if not regressive, console generations is just about over* I think I'm owned an honest outburst for no particularly good reason.

Nevermind that as few have realized or even admitted such many more have defended it for all the wrong reasons. That because of that the door to both repeat and build upon mistakes has been left open for the next.

And given that no one in the industry doesn't give two rat turds about posts like this - why not make a statement with all caps?

Not that I'm even bothering this time...

Okay, second to the 3Do/Lynx/early CDROM era.

Now THAT was a broken console generation!

cleft52120d ago

Gaming is about fun so long as policies don't get in the way of that fun.

TheFallenAngel2120d ago

Yes they are. Some people focus too much on making money from them than making a fun game. Very few fun games this gen.

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