Japanese Nintendo Direct for download software – Denpa Men 3 announced, new Chibi Robo experience


Well, that came out of nowhere! We don’t have any details from this Nintendo Direct yet, but we do know that Denpa Men 3 has been announced for the 3DS eShop and some kind of new Chibi Robo experience is on the way.

Update: Looks like that Chibi Robo thing is called “Chibi Robo Live-Action!” and will be out today for 1,500 yen. From what I can tell.


nintendoeverything: Added Denpa Men 3, Chibi Robo Photography (we’ll be using that name from here on out), Wii U network services details.

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gamer422118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Hopefully, we see Chibi Robo and the AR prepaid cards come west! But seriously this direct came out of nowhere, did they ever announce this? Another question, what's the nintendo network premium, it sounds like a subscription service?

--Onilink--2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

if its what i think, its the service on wiiu that you get for getting a black wiiu, where they basically give you 10% from your digital purchases so you can spend on the eshop.

Though i think you have to accumulate $50, then you go into a website and they give you a code for $5, at least that how it worked for me, because thats the one i got, for $5

Kevlar0092118d ago

I forgot Chibi Robo even exists

Also, food delivery service?

gamer422118d ago

Maybe they saw you could order pizza from an xbox 360 and want to apply to their console. I wonder if we're going to get that in the west too, but either way I really wouldn't care.

BlackWolf2118d ago

Wow this came out of nowhere!
Umm, a new Chibi Robo... I have no problem with that.

guitarded772118d ago

Anyone speak Japanese, and can tell me what the YNN (about 12:50) is? It looks like some kind of service/feature, looks interesting.

gamer422118d ago

It's basically a Japanese Hulu. Nothing big for us.

Trago13372118d ago

A new Chibi Robo on 3DS? Western Release please!

PopRocks3592118d ago

No kidding. Why was this a surprise conference for Japan only?

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