5 game technologies that are truly next gen

GamesRadar - As games continue to evolve, one constant keeps them anchored to the past: input devices. Controllers (and the mouse/keyboard combo in the case of PC gaming) are our firearms, our arms and legs, and our eyes. One device controls all of our senses. Now, the good thing about this is it provides a comfortable, familiar way to interact with a game. The bad? It's kind of hard to cultivate innovation outside of prettier games or a handful of new mechanics when our methods of interfacing with those games never changes.

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starchild1932d ago

I was lucky enough to get to try the development unit of the Oculus Rift and it blew me away.

The Rift is the future. I'm vastly more excited for the consumer version of the Rift than any next gen console.

Red_Devilz1932d ago

I think PS4 touchpad is of far more practical advantages than the stupid "cameras" (let it be Kinect or PS4 eye).

The whole motion thing was just a stupid fad and I am glad PS4 didn't promote it further. Hated it Day 1

Nice article, BTW