Why Just Dance 2014 Isn’t Called Just Dance 5

IGN - Ubisoft explains its strategy with Rocksmith, plus why Just Dance 2014 isn’t called Just Dance 5.

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FlameHawk1986d ago

Because they plan on making it yearly and they want to milk it like Sport games. duh.

NihonjinChick1986d ago

I don't think Sports games are technically milking it. I mean, they need to released updated versions because of the constant changes in rosters.

Now, when you're talking about something like Just Dance, a yearly release would be milking it. But the casuals will still eat it up like a moist piece of cake.

rdgneoz31986d ago

Madden 2013 had updates for player stats and roster changes throughout the season last year. When the 49ers switched QBs, the game had a roster update that made that happen. You couldn't play online without updating to the newest changes.

So yah, it's not really that hard to update rosters or stats. And seeing how there aren't huge leaps in game features from one season to another, most companies are milking the sports games because people will eat it up.

Lord_Sloth1986d ago

Why "Just Dance" matters: