EA CEO search back to "square one" - Pachter

Wedbush analyst says Don Mattrick had been a "front-runner" for the EA job, but now EA will have to start over.

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harkki861959d ago

hopefully they pick a ceo who acts smarter toward the wii-u.

i mean, if ubisoft can give support to all platforms (not just the wii-u but also the vita!) and still turn a profit, yet they do not have nearly as much money as ea, i think ea can afford to make a few wii-u games here and there.

i think they are just being lazy.

ScubbaSteve1959d ago

You have to be patient. It's hard to find a replacement because they're always fighting. And even if you find someone promising he still has to become strong enough to slay his master. Only then can he become a true sith lord and take over leadership of EA. I mean seriously he has to fight Darth Kotick it's gotta be someone truly evil.

Fergusonxplainsall1959d ago

Cliffy B is the man for the job.

Well, since Capcom hasn't called him to fix RE.

"i make evil look good" :D

extermin8or1959d ago

Look I don't agree with many things EA have done but you say he has to be clever and in the business sense drooping most wii u projects and waiting is clever-the games weren't selling enough to be worth the cost to them. It's not abou being lazy accept the wii u isn't selling enough and that most wii u owners will buy any Nintendo 1st party title over anything else. They haven't shown much support for the vita either- I wish they would but it hasn't sold enough to be worthy of their attention as the consumer base that have bought it seem to be locked down by the other titles from sony and ubisoft etc arguably they'd see a better attach rate than the wii (in%) because of the kinds of people to have bought it.

Fergusonxplainsall1959d ago

Users primarily play only Nintendo games and go use other platforms for EA games.

EA are more interested in making games look as real as it gets on new powerful systems rather then making a whole team dedicated to making current gen forms of games for Wii U.

They need a price cut and a new Zelda. I cant wait for Mario Kart 8. More users wont hurt. Sorry not trying to be rude, I like the Wii U.

Realplaya1958d ago

@ Fergusonxplainsall It's not the price stores have sales all the time. It's about games and advertisement. They don't have a playable demo in every store there are Zero TV commercials and the games that have come out don't show off new GEN. Instead of releasing NSBU they should have released HD versions of there best selling games from he last 3 systems. They made the mistake of depending on 3rd party ports that were poorly executed.

SilentNegotiator1958d ago

Oh here we go. Anyone who doesn't support Wii U is "lazy"

"if ubisoft can give support to all platforms"
...they're scaling back support because they aren't able to do very well on it either.

Nintendo made the mistake of not creating a consistent seller. They've released/are releasing very few of their own games in the entire first year. You see, it isn't up to third parties to assure success of your console; it's up to the Nintendo to make a system that third parties will be successful on, thus making games and making THEM successful. Third parties are nomads; they go where the money is.

pompombrum1959d ago

Lol Mattrick, EA trying to improve their image with gamers sure wouldn't be going about it the right way with that guy in charge.

oof461958d ago

Yup. Had their hired him Battlefield and Madden fans would have been up in arms.

pompombrum1958d ago

And we'd all be up waving our arms to play the games too probably (on the Xbone at least)

plsburydoughboy1959d ago

Oh, did I read that right? Pachter said he was surprised Mattrick took the Zynga job? He admitted to being wrong then?

Game4life1959d ago

didnt EA just get a new CEO? what happened?

Erimgard1958d ago

I like how Pachter has never once provided even a single shred of evidence that EA was interested in Mattrick. He just said it a lot, and apparently that makes it true. Then, when the guy takes a job at the financially-crippled Zynga of all places, he still won't admit he was wrong. Just that he's "surprised."