Last Of Us Renders One Of The Loudest YouTube Personalities Speechless

Kotaku - That ending, huh? It was certainly an...interesting one. To the point that it left one of the louder-known YouTube personalities in the gaming community—PewDiePie—speechless . Just for a moment, of course.

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ToastyMcNibbles1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Edit- *Slight Spoiler*

This ending in general can render everybody speechless. This ending was very powerful and just leaves you not knowing how to feel. On the one hand you feel good that Ellie is still alive yet at the same time you feel wrong for what you did as the player on Joel's end.

Naughty Dog really accomplished something special with this game that at least for me I've never felt in any other game.

Reverent1960d ago

So, I have yet to finish it all the way through. Been taking my sweet time. But now I know that Ellie doesn't die no matter what thanks to you.

Not trying to seem like a dick, but come on lol

Ezz20131960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

joel die or maybe not
ellie die or maybe not
they cure the world or maybe not
you will never know untill you finish it your self

don't look to much into this stuff on the internet
play the game
the ending will shock you anyway
don't worry

ToastyMcNibbles1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Sorry. I mean you can see the thumbnail saying The Last of Us Final. The paragraph summary starts with the words "That ending huh?" Not to mention the first two sentences I start with in my comment say the words "This ending". I would think that would be some sort of indication.

coolasj1960d ago

That's all you bro. Don't read things on the internet about a video game you're playing. But, if you're torn up about Ellie supposedly living, you'll be really sad when she dies. And Joel dies. And almost everybody you meet in the entire game dies in the end. Or maybe they don't. But, they probably do. I don't know. Spoilers maybe?

Cernunnos1960d ago

You opened an article about a game's ending, weeks after its release, and you expect not to see spoilers in the comments? Sometimes I wish there was a mandatory IQ test to get internet access...

BluEx6101960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

@Reverent then go finish the game and stop reading articles that talks about the ending. Facepalming so hard right now.

On Topic : Holy shit this guy gets a lot of subscribers/viewers. I honestly think this game is one of the most watched playthroughs on youtube. I beat the game then re-watched some other people play it. Like Chris Smoove, that guy's hilarious haha.

Reverent1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Well I had figured that an important character would likely die somewhere near the end (Knowing Ellie doesn't die kind of narrows that idea down), and there isn't anything wrong with reading articles related to the game, especially when the title of the article doesn't warn of spoilers. I was just curious as to who this "loud speech" belonged to. It was on the front page at the time I saw it for Christ's sake.

Seriously people, no need for the hostility.

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InTheLab1960d ago

******more spoilers*****

I felt good about my choice. Just about everyone left on Earth is either a infected, a dick, a hunter, David's men, a**hole military, or a**hole fireflies.

There is no one really worth saving besides Tommy's group and who's to say Marlene would actually hand out the cure?

jay21960d ago

Subed to this dude on youtube, I'm shocked.

cell9891960d ago

that guy is f-ing annoying

PSjesus1960d ago

Pewds earn more money by playing games from his bedroom than professional gaming journalists and sites combined,yet i cant understand why the success Jontron and AVGN are way better

GenericNameHere1960d ago

I caught a glimpse on Neogaf saying this guy just recently earned around 16 Mil from Youtube. That's probably 20 times more than most people make in 10 years... Absolutely ridiculous. Good for this guy for finding something that gives him a really effing good job that takes him no talent at all, but I personally don't like this guy's videos, so I choose not to watch his videos, try not to pay attention to him, and NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS subscribe to him (don't like his voice).

grailly1960d ago

I watch critical and there was a lot of people complaining in the comment that he was too much like pewdipie, after watching this I really don't see it.

I feel like pewds is for a relatively young audience, and generally I think playthroughs are watched by younger gamers.

Ezz20131960d ago

i still can't stop thinking about it

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