Mega-Recharge: Is Capcom in the Process of Giving Mega Man an Extra Life?


Nintendo took an unusual approach to E3 this year, foregoing its traditional big press conference in favor of a video livestream. Fans can give you a laundry list of reasons the event should come back to future E3s in a big, but here's a biggie: It's sad to think that the Nokia theater remained empty and silent when it should have been reverberating with roars of approval upon Mega Man's Super Smash Bros. reveal.

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dark-hollow1961d ago

Now they have no "but mega man is irrelevant to today's gamer" excuse.

If smash could revive and popularise obscure IPs like kid Icarus and fire emblem, then mega man will be introduced to millions of young new gamers who haven't heard much about the franchise.

PopRocks3591961d ago

Well the fans have been clamoring, and rightfully so. Capcom better have something creative up their sleeves for Mega Man. That franchise deserves a lot more love than its current IP holders are giving.

mgszelda11961d ago

This is a franchise that I really wish they would revive. And I mean "megaman" not "X"(sry never was a huge fan).

If done right could work great outside of being just a sidescroller. I say draw some inspiration from DMC

jimmywolf1961d ago

i enjoyed X but mega man legends is the one i really loved

mgszelda11961d ago

I never really played legends but I wouldnt mind them reviving that. We need it to try and step out of scroller. I do like the original battle network too