Fox Hosts Support Gamer Facing Prison Time, Are Kind Of Jerks About It

Kotaku - Some days, solidarity comes from the unlikeliest places, with the unlikeliest of tones. Sometimes your most ardent defendants can be a total dicks about it. For one gamer facing prison time, that happened this morning.

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Majin-vegeta2119d ago

Newd centers are a bunch of uneducated retards nuff said.

jeeves862118d ago

I would hardly call RedEye a news program. They're a satirical late-night show, they even acknowledge it when they get themselves wrangled up in controversy.

These guys were pretty nasty about the Canadian military a few years ago, three days after four Canadians died fighting for US interests in Afghanistan. It was in particular poor taste due to the fact that four deaths in one attack just doesn't happen all that often. They said a bunch of other stupid and insensitive shit too, calling Canada a joke of a nation and that we're "not a smart people."

I believe it was Jon Stewart who had this epic response to it too, I wish I could find it. He was forced to apologize, and acknowledged he didn't even know that the military was currently fighting.

So in short, I wouldn't call these guys any kind of news outlet.

SpideySpeakz2119d ago

What? A Republican network said this? I am truly shocked /s

creatchee2118d ago

Wow was that study bad science or what? First of all, they deliberately exposed 13-15 year olds to Manhunt, which SAYS ON THE BOX that it is not a game for them. Then they measure stress levels. I don't know about any of you, but Manhunt was a stressful game without the violence. Add in the violence and the fact that 13-15 were playing (and I can't say this enough) A GAME INAPPROPRIATE FOR THEM, then added stress levels should fall under the "no shit" category of findings.

Here's an experiment - put the evening news on for kids before bed. Let them see wars people fight over godforsaken pieces of land or families being murdered or genocide in Africa. Show them the real world and then check their stress levels. I'd be more worried about the ones that weren't elevated after that.

zeal0us2119d ago

What do you expect its Fox News?

brettski2118d ago

This program, Red Eye always makes light of ridiculous stories to show how stupid some things are in our culture. That shows host has a strong libertarian streak and believes in more freedom and liberties not less

madpuppy2118d ago

"That dangerous jazz music", Rock and roll is corrupting our children", "protect your children from the evils of comic books",
"Violent movies are dangerous and should be banned", "TV makes one lazy and will "rot your brain"

Conservative...Liberal, different sides of the same coin.

Politicians and the media will sensationalize anything to forward their agenda and get more votes/readers/ratings.

It all comes down to the acquisition of power and money and we all know that money makes the world go 'round.

That is why nothing ever comes of these rants, there is too much money pouring into the economy from the gaming industry.

The Tobacco industry is a great example of a giant tax payer, everyone knows that Smoking is a deadly habit, 443,000 people die annually in the US from smoking related disease
that's hundreds of thousands more people than any death that you could even remotely connect to gaming or even all the things I mentioned above combined.

So, these articles are all smoke and mirrors, if they were really worried about corrupting influences they would go after the real threat to human society. But, like I and power....

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