E3 2013: Polk Audio Brings Quality Headsets To The Xbox One and Xbox 360

GamerFitNation: Polk Audio has teamed up with Microsoft to bring you some of the latest and greatest headsets and sound bars for the Xbox 360 and Xbox one. Mark Suskind from Polk audio talks with yours truly to discuss just what exactly these products are. We also talk about how these headsets have a dual functionality that benefits both gamers and music buffs.

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KarrBOMB2118d ago

Yeah the fact that my Triton AX Pros for my 360 are worthless on the XBone, are just one reason I'm not getting it. The days of spending several hundred dollars on headsets is over if this is what they're going to do.

creatchee2118d ago

They're making adaptors, you know.

KarrBOMB2118d ago

Do you have any links, because I've been looking for something like that.

creatchee2118d ago

Ehhh... I've never been a Polk fan. There are way better options for way better prices, at least in terms of car stereo equipment.

hazardman2118d ago

Polk home audio is better than their car stuff. Always has been tho!


might pick these up for the xbox one,wanna wait to see what astro is gonna come with.I really would like to know if our existing headphones work on the ps4 tho.

xtheownerzx2118d ago

When I or blackbible get a chance to talk to someone from PlayStation about that We'll let you know

RedHawkX2118d ago

everything works for ps4 that uses usb, bluetooth etc. you wont need one for the xbox one though because no one will be playing it online. if you reading the news and comment sections all over the internet no one is gonna get the xbox one its gonna be a barren wasteland with a few hardcore fanboys.


I couldn't help but laff....

RedHawkX2118d ago

i laughed to because its the truth lol. why do dumb asses think next gen is gonna be like current gen is right now? you guys have to be freaking retarded to think xbox one is gonna be the popular go to console. did you retards not see what happend to the ps3 after the ps2? oh so you guys can switch from ps2 to xbox x360 but you cant switch from xbox 360 to ps4 lol. yall some hardcore fanboys.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I'm getting both systems but i'm leaning heavily towards the ps4 this go around.Not to be rude and all but you guys really have to be delusional to think xbox one's online will be a barren wasteland.Even throughout all the bullshit microsoft tried to take us through,the system will still flourish.Time heals all wounds and like it or not we gamers are a very forgiving bunch.That is all.....

RedHawkX2118d ago

-If the price wasn't 500 dollars
-if xbox one wasnt so underpowered
-if xbox one wasnt having troubles with actually making the consoles that they have to do a japan tier 2 launch and such id probably agree with you. the console is coming late 2014 to japan thats rediculous even if they arent gonna sale many console there anyways.

Once ps4 gets the headstart as well as just having sheer number of consoles being produced on the assembly line being available and once people are like there are no xbox ones on store shelves and the people who were lucky to get an xbox one see that hey not as many people are playing these games online because theres only 2-4 million consoles out there while over on the ps4 you got 10+ million consoles out with gamers playing and getting tons of those AAA uncharted 2/ last of us type exclusives people will start to come over even more so.

I mean just look at this current gen x360 had a year headstart and price advantage and still the ps3 came back and took over. the sony brand is so strong. now sony not only is gonna launch first and be cheaper but its gonna get a ton of those xbox 360 owners back. xbox 360 has been doing good getting the younger teens, high school, and college demographic but they wont have that price advantage like the ps4.

parents gonna have to get the cheaper system for the kids. if the xbox one had backwards compatibility other then just achievement points and friend list then i could see some staying loyal to the brand but right now i just dont see it.

only the hardest of the hardcore xbox fanboys who have money and console scalpers will get the xbox one. dont think people gonna wanna be paying 600-800 for scalper consoles lol if they do then they hypocrits for crying about the ps3 price and not getting a ps3 because of the price.

the ps4 is gonna do ps2 levels of sales 100+ million. the xbox one is gonna do 40 million console maximum when its all said and done at the end of next gen. i know you guys like achievements and such but you got to let it go man. just let it go its time to move on. its not the end of world. its the begining of the greatest gaming age of all time. Do you see what sony is doing here? Do you see that this new gen is gonna be something we never seen in gaming before on consoles. everyone just have to make the right choice. hardcore gamers need to spread the word of whats going down on the ps4.

-more indie games then ever before on consoles
-best console online community and network that gives you value beyond beliefe with free games and then free to play games on top of those free games as well as dicounts. Its like a console version of steam.
- More AAA exclusives in a variety of genres ever before seen on a platform. Sony has the most 1st party devs and they are freaking good.
The number of games that used to be pc exclusives will no longer be pc exclusive. there is no reason for a game to be pc exclusive anymore with this new gen because the ps4 is that easy to develop for.

my god man as a gamer can you guys see it? this thing is gonna have more games then the ps2 and ps1 combined. I fight for the ps4 because thats what we need. we need it to be number one. we as gamers need it to dominate and shock the world with games.

ps 8Gb Gddr5

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