The Last of Us: How many of Us used the “listen mode”?

SchollA from Console ControllUs pronounced console-control-us writes:
Shhhh…you hear that? Are you listening close enough? I can hear people already dubbing The Last of Us “Game of The Year” even Game of The Generation! It’s safe to assume most of Us are enjoying The Last of Us.

Anyhow let me give you some background on the type of gamer I am that led to the articles question at hand.

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JoGam2120d ago

I used it but on tbe hardest mode i won't be able too.

Ezz20132120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

on my two playthrough on normal and hard
i never once used it
disable it before i even started the game
and never will use it
that made the game much more tense and made me on the edge off my seat all the time

EDIT :hmmm, Why the disagrees ?!

sprinterboy2120d ago

Because your first playthrough it's on, u can not disable it

piroh2120d ago

seriously? i´m using it very often. game is scary as hell, i don´t like "surprises"

Ezz20132120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )


what ?!
dude, you can disable listen mode from the option menu before you start your playthrough

you really didn't know that ?!


but i do like surprises
it's a survival game after all
it was joy for me to play not knowing what will i find in the next room or area
listen mode is cool though for who like to use it

levian2120d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing! I always explore the options first.

I started on hard mode with everything disabled. I haven't beat the game yet, but there's been times I almost wish I left listen mode on, it gets scary!

sarcastoid2120d ago

No idea man, I totally agree with you and did the same!

grailly2120d ago

I used it a lot, I love the feeling of being in control of everything, knowing where everything is and knowing when to strike. It also enhances the feeling of craziness and panic when everything goes wrong in a fraction of a second

The_Con-Sept2119d ago

If there was one thing I would change about the listen mode.... It would be that you could only hear their footsteps.... Basically I didn't want to see their silhouette but rather... Just their footsteps would have sufficed.

Silly gameAr2119d ago

Listen mode is disabled for any difficultly past normal.

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JsonHenry2120d ago

I haven't finished the game yet but I use it. It would make the game very intense not using it though so I can see why some people wouldn't want to.

Salooh2120d ago

I don't even want to know how it works :D . The harder the game the better. Finished it on hard and survival without listen mode..

assdan2120d ago

Yeah, there are a few parts on survival mode where the listen mode would be really helpful. I miss it sometime, but you can make it.

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edwineverready2120d ago

No i did not use it that often.

Sharius2120d ago

after the 1st hard playthrough?

i don't even need to use listen mode to know extract where my enemy is

i mean.... come on.... in easy and normal mode you can technique go through all the game with uncharted style, on hard and survivor mode you can stealth a whole game w/o even breaking a sweet, is much easier than when i run MGS4 in big boss mode under 5h, no kill, no alert

Lovable2120d ago

I disagree. I find it really hard to stealth on Survivor. They seem to have heightened senses or something since the moment you get close, you'll alert them

Sharius2120d ago

well to switch between normal and hard mode is really a big jump on the difficult but between hard and survivor is not much

in fact ion my survivor, at the last section of the game.......SPOILER......... hospital........

.......... i have a lot of stuff to waste on my enemy especial bomb and motolov (i have full inventory of them plus thing in my craft menu) because in the whole game i mainly use stealth kill (with my hand not shiv) and skip section w/o any kill

Lovable2120d ago

I played normal then jumped to survivor. You really need to adjust if you want to survive. Kinda stuck right now tbh...

Bathyj2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

big deal.
try playing the game blindfolded ;)

mac_sparrow2119d ago

My mate's made me fight The Boss in Snake Eater blindfolded when I told them cqc and a decent sound system would make it possible.

Imagine thier surprise as I proceeded to take her down, an easy £20 for me ;)

Last of us blindfolded though, very doubtful, far too much going on.

mac_sparrow2119d ago

On topic, I found I used it when I was sneaking up behind people, don't know why but the slower movement made me feel safer. Wish you could pull the button to move like that without the listen mode though.

mac_sparrow2119d ago

Bugger, disagreed instead of agreed on my phone. Bubble up apology.

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