Borderlands 2 gets nine DLC packs on Steam

Borderlands 2 is getting a ton more DLC for PC players to enjoy.

Nine new DLC packs are now available on Steam, all of which contain skins and armor packs for use in combat.

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1934d ago
Kos-Mos1933d ago

Time to play a new game perhaps?

Bonerboy1933d ago

Kiss my ass Pitchford you F-ing scamming lying douche'. I will NEVER give you one shiny nickle. In fact, I wouldnt play your shit games even if they were free.

awi59511933d ago

Hey boarderlands is great let the aliens thing go. Every company makes a crap game from time to time.

Bonerboy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I havent been impressed with much if any of Gearboxes games. Perhaps only the first borderlands. Yes companies make a crap game from time to time, but these guys are IMO so damned overrated as a company as their crap far outweighs their "good"... and no where did I mention the extra shitty aliens game.

Simply put, Pitchford IS a slimy unscrupulous Piece Of Shit, and if you can prove otherwise please, I love to hear it. THAT is why I posted as I did, and perhaps it is a misplaced rant but hey why not, its n4g home of the rant and witless complaining. I just dont and wont support an ASS like this guy. I dont care if they make GoTY I still wouldnt support this schmuck with my money.

awi59511932d ago


Boarderlands 2 is better than the first one. Its just the second ones dlc isnt as good though. But the main game is way better.

Merk1932d ago

Quit your bitching. Pretty easy solution, don't buy it. Problem solved.

Would you rather have a developer not release any additional content at all? Or at least give you the option to purchase it if you choose to.

Borderlands is a great game. I bought Krieg and IMO it was more then worth it. Paying $10 for an additional 20+ hours of game-play (to get to level 61) is more then worth it.

I reiterate: You don't agree? Don't think it's worth it? Don't buy it, simple. Quit your bitching.

Bonerboy1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

And further more (@merk) .... by all means go ahead and give your money to this f-ing knob. I simply wont support this fuckhead as I dont agree with his business practices of deliberately ripping off gamers....(as I stand up on judgement mountain)....and I like to bitch. ;-)

PS You should be using "THAN" ...not "THEN" in your post. As in ..."more THAN worth it" or "Come on man, you're better THAN that."

NpsXgamer1933d ago

What??? Enough is enough. This might as well be a free to play game with mucrotransactions.


@Bonerboy Deliberately ripping off. No, he is not.

Imagine this, You get out of collage and get a job at a game company. Now you have just made your first game and think you should see what the fans want. You go on the internet and tell the company what they want. You make it and charge a little for it ($ 10 for Hours of hard work). But oh GOD, You made DLC and everyone is mad now because you made DLC. So the company decides to not make any more DLC. The game then doesn't turn a profit and people (Like you are laid off or moved to a different company. DLC is a way to fill a gap and turn a profit in a tough industry. If you dont like go somewhere else!

Also, your name.... Bonerboy, Seriously..... grow up!