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G4MERS: "Spoiler free review. I waited in addition mercilessly ... I was hungry for any information about the DLC, I shot an awful ... and I think I shot all the way too much. The addition did not live my hope in him. Overall, I do not know what I was expecting, maybe this would be as good as the first season, and each of its episodes. Unfortunately it is not. This is the weakest scene of the series The Walking Dead. The weakest, however, in this case does not mean that bad, quite the contrary. "

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mgszelda11986d ago

*goes back to playing TLOU*

NihonjinChick1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Why did you need to bring that up?

I don't see what the two games have to do with each other. One is a survival horror game and the other is a point and click.

mgszelda11986d ago

One is not original in any way shape and form, the other will be talked about for decades

NihonjinChick1986d ago

"One is not original in any way shape and form, the other will be talked about for decades"

But they still have nothing to do with each other.

mgszelda11986d ago

U know who knows how to do a good adventure game with QTE, Quantic Dream. Walking Dead from Telltale suffers the same problems of "player Driven" games before it. All these options with branching paths but leading to the same ending. Except in this games case it's very few differing paths.
Heavy Rain had way more depth and for some reason ppl forgot about this 2010 "player driven" game. hell indigo prophecy with worse graphics had way more depth and that came out last gen.

Ozmoses1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'll be playing this tonight. Already installed..

for those confused you must have at least Episode 1 installed on your system as this is a DLC.

you choose it from the episode selection after installing it.

the download is 1GB and consists of (digital version) and (disc version) each is like 533 MB.. download the one that corresponds with your Season 1 game file...

meaning if you bought and played season 1 digitally then download digital and if you bought the actual disc version of season 1 download the disc version.

I believe this relates to the progress of your game choices and reading your previous save file.

Brianaro1986d ago

I actually like having one ending as long it ends up being a good one