The Moral Ambiguities In The Last Of Us

Kotaku: "I wasn't always sure how to feel about the things I witnessed in The Last Of Us."

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Veryoriqinal2120d ago


I like the way they mad Joel into a human more than some scripted super hero who saves the world. He just wants Ellie to be his replacement for Sarah. Them two are so cute together :)

HammadTheBeast2120d ago

"Your not my daughter... and I sure as hell ain't your dad".

Pretty epic scene.

Ezz20132120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

that part was damn epic
in the whole journey you see joel go back and forth with him self and ellie

it's like his fighting him self the whole game
he's trying to know if he the good or the bad guy

first game that make me feel for the main character

ND are something else

Veryoriqinal2120d ago

Did you also realise that when you pick her up off the surgery table in the hospital. Joel says "come on baby girl" that's what he called Sarah

mgszelda12120d ago

I agree pretty much with this entire article. Joel is a realistic character

Shazz2120d ago

SPOILER - the way joel strokes watch at end in the game while talking to ellie is a memorable moment in gaming for me, got me more than movies