Nintendo declines to comment on the end region locking fan campaign

Wondering how Nintendo feels about the fan campaign to end region locking?

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Need4Game2116d ago

Nintendo should end their Region Lock, and make it a simple MMO platform.

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deadeyes2116d ago

I love Nintendo, but they are behind the curve in a lot of ways...I am posting this from my gamepad. I actually, sadly surf more from the pad than game with it. l think they can turn it around if they listen to the fans more. l am gonna give them a chance til spring and if 3 rd party support don't improve then l will get a PS 4...

PigPen2116d ago

You most likely don't own a Wii U and was going to buy a PS4 anyway. I will not be buying a PS4 and will stick with the Wii U. I'm alright with region lock games. I won't like to play game I couldn't understand.

Dan502116d ago

How about if your country bans a game, then you can't import it at all!

manaxknight12116d ago

..I am posting this from my gamepad. I actually, sadly surf more from the pad than game with it.

definitely referring to the fact that he owns a Wii U

ShaunCameron2116d ago

There are some Brazilian folks who can tell you all about that.

dark-hollow2116d ago

I love Nintendo too but a agree with you.

There is no reason to keep the region lock especially when Sony and Microsoft consoles are region free.

ShaunCameron2116d ago

Actually there is a reason. It all comes down to good ol' fashioned market protectionism. Basically it's about protecting local retailers and distributors.

Summons752116d ago

Who honestly cares besides the .5% of gamers who actually do import because they care about the "original japanese voices". Sony is the only company who opens their console to all regions and there is no increase of importing. It really isn't that big a deal, stop whining.

n4f2116d ago

at first I was mad.
then I read your post and it does make sense.
you are right

Software_Lover2116d ago

That's what I've been thinking. Most of what people bitch about they barely or never f'n used. Isn't that the same logic people used when Sony took away the Other O.S. feature....... "who cares only a small amount of people used it"?

I have never imported a game and probably never will. I'm sure out of the 70+ million ps3's sold, maybe MAYBE 10000 imported games. And that's on the liberal side.

KrisButtar2116d ago

Xbox One is region free as well not just Sonys machines

TongkatAli2116d ago

What about Europeans who wanna play Atlus and Arkys games. F them right ? Wait a year you fing whiners, LOL!

To make it region free wouldn't cost a penny, but you're right f those whiny consumers giving them money. Glad we have people like you sticking up for us


Summons752116d ago

yeah that's right, you Europeans should have free reign and not wait for any games what so ever but the second someone from the states complain you tell them to stop whining and wait a year for it to release over here.....because that's fair.

Stop being an impatient brat and wait, it's that simple.

ScubbaSteve2116d ago

Demon's Souls
Pandora's Tower
Xenoblade Chronicles
Every game that was ever censored or banned in Australia
Niche Games

Imagine if niche games like tales or other jrpgs could just add subtitles to their game and let you import them. What is the benefit of keeping the region lock in place outside of being able to screw over Australians.

Software_Lover2116d ago

Deal with your government, not Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. If you want change go out and make a change. Dont sit there and hope someone makes it for you.

grimmweisse2115d ago

Call it whining or whatever, but there are valid points to be made about region locking.

I think you are looking at things rather short sighted. It's not just about some Japanese voice overs. Believe it or not some people have to work and live in more than one country, so having to buy two 3DSs to play in 2 regions is extremely backwards.

Also having no region restrictions can help garner the attention of certain games that would never in the first case gained any attention, Take "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan", probably the most insane Japanese rhythm game, but it gained so much outside attention they released a Western version "Elite Beat Agents".

Another great example is "Demon's Souls", if it never received the critical status it did with importers it probably would of stayed in Japan, and the likely of the Souls series would never of been as big globally as it is now. Thanks to the PS3's region free approach it introduced fresh IP into the industry and moved it into a multi-platform arena. Win win for everyone.

Region Locking is backwards and there is absolutely no need for it. The gaming industry is a far different place from the NES days and Nintendo needs to realize this, even with the 3DSs success, region locking still holds back a great potential amount of consumers from purchasing the hardware.

Taking an interest in the gaming industry is not whining, people like to throw that around far to easily without looking at the broader picture.

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