Probing Deeper Into the Ps3's Online Services

First off, we're sure you're already aware that it will be powered by Linux, for you to enjoy the internet world to the hilt. So obviously, it allows you to browse through the net. But that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. With individual user identities for browsing and online play, you'd simply have to select your profile, load up your personal preferences (bookmarks and individual friends lists included), and voila! Jumping from Google to wherever else becomes hassle-free.

It really looks as if the PS3 is out to be the one-stop-shop for all your gaming and online needs. Let's just wait and see if it could actually deliver all these goodies.

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Mikey_Gee4472d ago

I look foward to my PS3 for "GAMES", but as for surfing the web ... well .... I have a PC for that .... hooked to a printed and a DVD burner.

Not a feature I will ever use.

HiSpeedSoldier614472d ago

I think I figured out another reason why xbox 360 geeks don't want a PS3: With video chat becoming a very prominent feature for the ps3 network, all those geeks and losers would have to invest in more pimple cream to look somewhat presentable over the PS3s online community.

come on, you geeks, just buy more clearasil and get it over with, you can't hide forever.

calderra4472d ago

Uhh... you mean like with the Vision Cam on Xbox Live... right now? Yeah, that's totally not something 360 fans would ever want to try at all. Right now. On Xbox Live. As we speak.

Maddens Raiders4472d ago

No doubt about it: the P L A Y S T A T I O N 3
is the way to go for people looking for a "grown up," sleek and smart machine to compliment their very own class and sophistication.

guyincognito4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

No doubt about it, Playstation has never been for the "Grown Up" Player, go to your local game shop, look at all the playstation titles, how many are 15+ games, hell how many of them took longer than a month to make, buy the looks of it their aren't many younger titles, but give it time.

My opinon of the playstation (which i have had ps1 and ps2 from launch) is that they churn out enough crap, your bound to get some hits. For the price of the PS£ i doubt they will be making their money from that, I know i wouldn't buy my kid one just for that pap, i'd just get the ps2 and get the kiddy games cheaper.

two words for sony "QUALITY CONTROL"
another two could be "PRICE CUT"

Funky Town_TX4472d ago

have we not seen a online demo from SONY. THEY were so quick to show tech demos for the hardware, but they have yet to show online functions. I'm becoming very upset with the lack of info from Sony. LETS GO SONY. I hope it kills xbox live. KILLZONE PS3 (the e3 05 version) all the way.