Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer to be “Very Different” to GTA IV, More “Information Coming Soon”

Earlier today, Rockstar held a Grand Theft Auto V Q&A on their website, and you can check out our recap over here. The conversation didn’t stop there though, as a few members of the Rockstar team answered a few more questions in the comments section of their website. - PSLS

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Mr_Nuts1934d ago

I wish they would give us the details now, it comes out in 2 months, with how big GTAV is it's not like they are going to ruin much.

At least give us an in game screenshot of the hud and that

TrendyGamers1934d ago

The Last of Us waited until the week before to give us MP news and look how that turned out.

Jovanian 1934d ago

"and look how that turned out."

brief and forgettable?

In terms of MP, of course. it felt very tacked on and unnecessary where the real meat and potatoes of the game is single player

supraking9511934d ago

Yeah they should wait and let the MP be a surprise, like the Last of Us mp which was amazing.

i8urCAKE1934d ago

they said Gameplay video soon !!!

joe901934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

the free mode in 4 was wicked, still play now and then.

hope its in 5 and also plenty of co-op missions.

Robbing banks in MP would be sweet.

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dbjj120881934d ago

Can't wait to see gameplay for myself.

ftwrthtx1934d ago

As close to launch as the game is. why haven't we seen more? Are they having issues or something?

nick3091934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Rockstar likes to show gameplay very , very late. They confirmed the game is still coming on september 17.

TongkatAli1934d ago

Highest selling game this year is not a Nintendo game, sorry to those folks that love to brag about that.

solidworm1934d ago

Needs to be cos it was shit imho. Rockstar DO NOT DO MP/ thread.

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The story is too old to be commented.